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Wordscapes Search

Size : 134M Version : 1.18.1
Developer : PeopleFun
Updated : April 14, 2022
Size : 339.9 MB Version : 1.18.0
Developer : PeopleFun
Updated : Mar 11, 2022

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Sean  ( Age: 26 from Canada )

Classic word search puzzle mechanism in combination with multiple other elements such as crossword and word connect. It is all about words and their hidden locations. What’s more, solving word puzzles with those beautiful natural sceneries as your gaming background, it enhances the relaxing vibe and the aesthetic effect. The goal is challenging but generally achievable. Players would not stop solving those puzzles one after another. 

Tina  ( Age: 21 from Australia )

This game lets you guess the words in the maze. The difficulty of this game is gradually increased, and it is very easy at the beginning, but as you become more and more familiar, then you will feel it a bit harder. The game interface design of Wordscapes Search is also really concise, which will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Editing and description of

Wordscapes Search is a very fun word-spelling game. In this game, we need to select different and consecutive letters in the letterbox given by the system to spell words. According to the requirements of the title, players may need to select a lot of words in order to get more points and more rewards. This game has different themes, with different background images and music under different themes. The game has an ocean theme, forest theme, night sky theme, river theme, and so on. In different themes, we will see different scenery and music. Moreover, the picture settings of this game are still very beautiful. For example, the background of the sea-themed game will be the vast sea and blue sky, which is very beautiful.


In addition, the background music of the game is also very beautiful. The background music is not loud, it is very simple and harmonious pure music. With such music, it is easier for players to concentrate and think. Music also helps us focus, concentrate, and relax while immersed in a game. There are different levels in the game. In the low-level levels, the difficulty of the game will be lower, and as the level is upgraded, the difficulty will also increase. That is to say, as the level increases, players need to find more words in higher levels to meet the requirements. So this game is a great test of people's vocabulary. Generally speaking, the higher the player's vocabulary, the easier it will be for the player to play this game because you can easily choose the familiar words among the letters. If the player's vocabulary is relatively small, there may be a certain difficulty.

How to play

The game mechanics of this game are very simple, but it is not easy for players to pass the level smoothly. In the interface of the game, we will see backgrounds of different themes, such as sea, forest, river, and so on. There is a block of letters on the background, different letters are randomly placed together, all the player has to do is to slide the letters with their fingers, up, down, left, right and diagonally to swipe and select different letters, composed but this. According to different requirements, players need to form different numbers of words among these letters. When I play this game, I have some thoughts and experiences of my own. For example, when I choose words, I will first choose three-letter words, then four words, and then five-letter words. This way, we can prevent some simple words from being missed, as three-letter words are generally easier. In addition, players can constantly try to swipe up, down, left, right and diagonally with their fingers to try whether these letters can form words. This attempt can help us get some new ideas. In this game, if we really can't think of enough words, then we can click the hint button at the bottom of the screen, and the system will give corresponding hints to tell us which words and letters can form new words. But I don't recommend using this feature very often, because it will give us lower scores and fewer stars. Generally speaking, if we normally pass the level through our own efforts, we will get more bonuses, but if we get clearance through prompts, we will get less bonuses. In fact, the gold coins and stars we get can also be exchanged for certain tools in the app store. But generally speaking, these items also need to pay some real currency, so I never buy them. If you don't mind krypton gold, players can also try to buy some props, which will make our game more interesting and richer.


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