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Among Us

Size : 202M Version : 2022.3.29
Developer : Innersloth LLC
Updated : March 30, 2022
Size : 481.8 MB Version : 2022.3.29
Developer : Innersloth LLC
Updated : Mar 31, 2022

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Randy  ( Age: 32 from Canada )

Among us is a Editors' Award-winning role-play and strategy game in which you will be able to interact with other players up to 15 people in order to find the murderer before being killed! It is an existing and interesting game filled with mystery and puzzles waiting for you to unravel. If you are the impostor, try your best to escape from the investigation and assassinate others!

Kathy  ( Age: 25 from America )

This game introduces a very unique gameplay mechanism where players are not allowed to communicate except for the meeting phase. This spooky eerie quietness gets on my nerve but that’s the charm of this game. It’s a special combination of skills and psycho strength. Surely a game for those with intelligent brain and the calmest mind. 

Editing and description of

Among Us! is developed and released by Innersloth, available on Android and iOS platforms for its mobile app version. It can also be played on many other platforms including PlayStation4, Steam and Xbox. It was first released in 2018 and the latest update for the mobile version is available from March, 2022. It is an online multiplayer game with detective/deduction mechanics and spaceship adventure theme. The number of players allowed in this game is from 4 to 15, and they can play either online with random players or join their local server with players of their own choice. The goal of the game is to complete a series of tasks to set the spaceship for departure and find out the bad guy (“impostor”) among crewmembers and vote that person out, otherwise, the impostor(s) would have the entire crew eliminated and sabotage the spaceship tasks. Unlike other games in the similar genre, Among Us! doesn’t allow players to communicate throughout the game and discuss who might be the impostor. Instead, only during the meeting phase can players exchange views and vote on who might be the bad guy. This game rule creates a quiet tension among players as they move around the spaceship areas, conduct their tasks and play the silent mental game of suspect and paranoia.  The gameplay and mechanism are very engaging although it might be a bit alienating for new players. It takes some time and practice to get comfortable with the tasks and roles, as much as the mental strength required to get through the fear and paranoia of survival. 

How to play

Among Us! is essentially a game about survival or death. It accommodates 4 to 15 online or local server players in each gaming session. There are two types of players: the crewmembers and the impostor(s). Usually there is only one impostor depending on the game setting and the actual number of players.  The game is set on a spaceship where crewmembers are completing a series of tasks to ensure a safe and successful. However, the impostor blends in and would cause different kinds of troubles to sabotage the mission. Meanwhile, the impostor would also try to murder the crewmembers until they are all eliminated. So the moral of the game is straightforward: a group of good guys are trying to protect their mission and their lives against the bad guy invasion. Players upon entering the game interface, would know their roles and goals in the current game. For crewmember players, they need to watch out the suspicious players and collect clues and evidence for potential impostors. At the same time, they’re also given a number of tasks to complete. For impostor players, they can deliberately cause problems on the spaceship via their sabotage panel. However, they should also try to blend in the good guys and pretend to be as normal as they can, which means they must perform fake tasks whenever they see fit. For impostors, they also have the exclusive access to the vent through which they can move around the rooms and areas faster. However, once they are spotted on using the vent, they immediately give away their identity and an emergent meeting can be summoned to vote the impostor out. In that case the game ends with a crewmembers win. Impostors can kill crewmembers during the game and when a dead body is found, players can report regardless of their actual roles. In this case, a meeting phase is drawn and players can discuss with each other and vote the potential impostor. They may or may not get rid of the bad guy. If not, the game continues until the impostor is found out or until the good guys are killed.  


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I love my family 🤩❣️🤩❣️
2022-12-10 20:06:57 From לוי אשכול 117
Sasha Smolyak 
Do you want to go with me to go to?
2022-12-10 20:07:31 From לוי אשכול 117
You don’t Gotta know 
I hate that I’m always imposter
2023-01-04 10:04:34 From You don’t Gotta know
Alexander lubonja 
I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👻👻👻👻👻👻👽👽💀💀🎃🎃
2023-01-26 08:52:28 From United States of America
I play this! I looooooooooove it soooooooo much! I gave this game 5 stars!
2023-02-17 22:34:24 From