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Size : 50M Version : 1.6.20
Developer : FatCat Studios Ltd
Updated : March 31, 2022
Size : 186.4 MB Version : 1.14.0
Developer : FatCat Studios Ltd
Updated : April 3, 2022

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Jack  ( Age: 30 from China )

Ready to test your vocabulary while having great fun? Wordle is a word puzzle game in which you are supposed to find out words as many as possible within a limited time. Compose words by moving letters at your fingertips until you hit the top. Wordle can also be a tool for you to learn a foreign language enjoyably. Try it from today!

Debbie  ( Age: 35 from Canada )

Wordle! has the simplest art style and when playing the game, we can fully engage in the game. Wordle! provides us with six chances then we can try one by one and then follow some clues given to help guess the right answer. The game also has a huge fan base around the world, so we can also post some of our results on social media.

Editing and description of

Worlde is an addictive word puzzle created by Josh Wardle. Like the name suggested, this is a game that requires you to guess the words out. I would highly recommend it to all of you. First of all, the design of the game interface is very simple. The game includes several lines of squares and a keyboard at the bottom. So as a crossword puzzle game, this simple design can have players fully immersed in the fun of thinking and solving puzzles. Secondly, the sound effect of the game is also relatively clean and soothing, which will not make players feel irritable and bothered at all. In the process of playing the game, we have six opportunities in total, and players will also receive some tips and hints of the game, which are really useful when we get stuck in solving some puzzles. I have to say that it could be tricky sometimes even with some hints give by the game. You would a great sense of achievement after solving a difficult puzzle. When you are guessing a specific verb, you have to consider if this word has configurations, because this could also be a way to get the hidden word. Finally, this game has huge fan groups on various social platforms and different countries. We can publish our daily achievements on Facebook and twitter, and then compete with each other. More importantly, it also allows us to find more friends who have the same interests as us. I am sure Wordle can help you gain a lot of international friends online.

How to play

The playing method of this game is relatively simple and it is definitely a game that is quick to pick up. What our mission is in Wordle is to figure out the words which are composed of five letters. Sometimes this game will be more difficult as we level up. We will also face more challenges when we solve more puzzles. Here are some things we should pay attention to when playing the game. For example, sometimes when we guess words at random, we often don't type two identical letters, because our brain instinct is that each letter is different, but in fact, many words in this game contain two repeated letters.So we can change our thinking when we are trapped in some words. At the same time, we should also make good use of some clues provided by the game. For example, if the cube is green, it means that the letter we typed is in the correct position in the answer. If it is yellow, it means that there is the letter in the answer, but we put it in the wrong position. These key information is really essential and important clues that can help us guess the right words out.


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