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Candy Crush Saga

Size : Varies with device Version :
Developer : King
Updated : March 25, 2022
Size : 365.9 MB Version :
Developer : King
Updated : April 5, 2022

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John  ( Age: 31 from France )

Candy Crush Saga is a very easy match-3 puzzle game, and there is basically no need to learn any special skills. And the game provides us with some very convenient boosters, so we can use them to create more combos. And each level does not take a long time, perfect for us to play when we are tired after the work or study.

Linda  ( Age: 20 from Canada )

Tired of repetitive puzzle games? Try Candy Crush Saga and have a completely new experience of puzzle games by starting a sweet journey! Move and crash candies in the same color with each other to hit high scores and level up, practice your problem-solving skills from now on. Every step counts! Winners will be celebrated by cascades and combos of candy.

Editing and description of

Candy Crush Saga is a fun and free puzzle mobile game designed and rolled out by King in the year of 2012.

I think Candy Crush Saga can be called the sweetest game, because the design style and elements of the game are related to candy. First of all, when we open the game, we will be attracted by the colorful design style of the game, because the most noticeable elements of this game are colorful candies, chocolates and so on. I believe this game is very attractive to young female players, and even children can easily enjoy the game. Secondly, as a puzzle game, the sound effects and theme music of this game is also very interesting, we can hear some very relaxing and funny new sound effects while having fun in the game. Moreover, you would find out that the audios of this game are very relevant to the theme of the game, so we will fully enjoy the process of the game. The operation of the game is also very responsive and smooth. We just need to slide on the screen and eliminate the same candies. You should not get afraid that you will be overwhelmed when you play this kind of game for the first time, because when you click on the game, you will find that the game will have a tutorial in the initial stage. We will know some basic rules required by this game, so from this aspect, this game is very friendly to players. In a word, this game is very playable. We can play it without pressure. 

How to play

The core playing method of this game is that we need to match over three candies in a row to make combos eliminate them. The patterns of the squares showed in the game are different candies, so you will be attracted by these lovely designs. Before the game starts, you will see some small tips or tutorials. These are games to help new players get familiar with some of the settings of the game.

When playing this game, we need to master some small skills. For example, we need to know what additional tools this game can provide us. For example, we have some special items that can help us enter the next level faster, but some tools need money. So in this regard, you need to explore the special items by yourself. Before playing the game, we don't need to rush to make any action, We need to observe whether there are some candies that can be easily found and eliminated. Usually they are at the bottom of the puzzle and on the edges. Because these places are the fastest places that can help us find potential combos. Then what if we find ourselves stuck in some levels? Don't hesitate to use the shuffle button, because sometimes there is literally nothing we can eliminate at present. You also have to know that each level has the minimum score. You can check it on the right side of the game interface. So you need to make more combos and meet the minimum score.


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