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Minion Rush: Running Game

Size : 127M Version : 8.3.1
Developer : Gameloft SE
Updated : February 3, 2022
Size : 383.5 MB Version : 8.3.1
Developer : Gameloft SE
Updated : Feb 3, 2022

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Robert  ( Age: 21 from Canada )

Maps in Minion Rush are very simulated in the actual scenes of the movie, so fans of the movie can feel very familiar when playing the game. And the game can test our top finger flexibility, because in the process of running there will be some very unexpected obstacles that prevent us from moving forward. Our game rewards are very rich, which can stimulate our sense of achievement.

Barbara  ( Age: 27 from Australia )

Run with the despicable minors group on secret missions. Minion Rush is a runner game without end yet with numerous adventures in ways of race, dodge, and jump. Dress on amazing costumes and level your minors all the way up to the top! You will unlock tons of stories and awards every time finish a task. Choose your favorite run mode and play it with your family and friends!

Editing and description of

Minion Rush: Running Game is a free runner mobile game initially released by the game studio called Gameloft in the year of 2013. So far, this game has been loved by players in many countries all over the world. Its popularity remains quite high these years.

Generally speaking, the overall operation of this game is very responsive and smooth. And what we need to do is to slide our fingers on the screen to manipulate the main character ‘s movements and the directions. Therefore, any delay or insensitive response may lead to the failure of the game. Our character is Minion who is the exact character in that movie called Minion. I believe almost everyone has seen this film, so when we are playing games, we will also be attracted by this lovely image. Moreover, every scene in the game is very similar to the real scene in the original film, so we will feel very familiar with it. On a side note, the graphics and audios are in good quality. You could throw yourself totally in this game. You can rest assured that there is no major bugs in Minion rush because the developer of this game are very experienced, and the game has been continuously improved, and its operation and other aspects is getting better and better compared to old days. We can also define our own game characters as well like we can dress them whatever we like. I think in this regard it is different from other similar runner games. I believe you will be deeply attracted by your favorite character when you see him running.

How to play

This game is very playable, and the purpose of the game is relatively simple and clear. In the game, we need to help the main character of the game who is minion to collect bananas as many as we can. These bananas are scattered on different tracks. It is difficult for us to get bananas, because these tracks are not very smooth, and there may be some roadblocks and other obstacles on these tracks. Sometimes when we choose different maps we will see some unique scenery corresponding to these maps. For example, if we choose tropical areas, we may see some hurricanes on the road which are hard to avoid. This game is a great test of the player's reaction speed. So when playing the game, in order to ensure that we can complete the levels smoothly, we need to master some small methods. For example, when playing the game, we can observe the obstacles lying ahead of us in advance in case we do not have enough time to prepare. Sometimes bananas are really close to the obstacles, but we can't take risks in order to get bananas. So we also need to know how to give up and choose, so that we can reach our destination smoothly.


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it fun
2022-05-11 22:03:00 From us
I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this game so much 💓💛💚💙💞💝💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
2022-11-27 04:52:58 From New York