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Toca Life: School

Size : 296.3 MB Version : 1.6-play
Developer : Toca Boca
Updated : Jun 27, 2022
Size : 296.3 MB Version : 1.6
Developer : Toca Boca
Updated : Jun 28, 2022

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Debbie  ( Age: 27 from Canada )

Enjoy your day in school at Toca Life School. You can play the role of a teacher or a student and do whatever you want on campus without worrying about being scolded. Try to teach a class or do experiments in the lab. There are altogether 5 locations as well as 34 new characters to choose from. Just enjoy the game!

Sally  ( Age: 19 from America )

Toca Life School is one of the Toca Life game series. You will be able to experience various fun activities and meaningful events in the game. There are many places to explore and a multitude of characters at your disposal. Make your own unique story when playing Toca Life School. You can study hard on campus. Meanwhile, you can also seize the youth and throw a party.

Editing and description of

Wanna attend school in Toca Life? Here is your chance. Toca Life Game series has once again launched another app called Toca Life School with a campus theme in which players could do all kinds of activities like what you can do in real-life school! You can either play a teacher to teach students classes or play the role of a student to use school facilities like lockers and eat with your classmates in the cafeteria. You have altogether 5 locations and 34 characters to choose from. So just take your time to think about that! Start your amazing school adventure right away. In different locations in the game, there will be different story plot sets and players will be able to see disparate development of the story. You can experience a variety of activities by taking different classes, like becoming the coach of a team or doing an experiment in the laboratory. All characters could be moved from one place to another. Apart from the features that we already know, the game also contains treasure waiting for us to explore. School life is more than having classes but also after-school life. You can either join a costume party, conduct dangerous experiments in the lab, or play in the field. If you want more fun and to make more friends, you can also join the youth club where you can play sports like ping-pong or playing all kinds of instruments. There is no time or score limits set in the game, so you can rest assured and completely immerse yourself in the game without worrying about failure. There are no in-app purchases and ads displayed in the app either. Make your school life more colorful no matter how old you are. Everything is possible in the world of Toca Life School!

How to play

Though it is claimed that there are no time and score limits in the Toca Life School, to have a sense of achievement, players still need to level up throughout the gameplay process. In order to successfully level up, here we would like to give you a walkthrough of the game. First of all, when you start the game, you should choose your storyline and characters in order to begin school life. Take your time to think carefully before you make up your mind and choose the one you want from different locations and characters. Then, after you make your initial choices of the story plot and characters, you can freely play the game and do whatever you want in the game without any restrictions. You can either choose to teach a class or do a chemistry experiment or take part in activities organized by youth clubs. Finally, you should log in to the game on a daily basis so there is a bigger chance for you to gain exclusive gifts from the game. We hope that our walkthrough could help you to know the game better and enjoy the game. The game is recommended to both children and adults.


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This thing is so nice that me and my cousin how to play together like almost every day it’s easier for us to build a house
2022-12-23 03:50:54 From A
Hi can you make a new version of toca Boca
2023-01-12 08:19:20 From America USA
This game is like toca Boca but different.😁
2023-03-08 05:49:43 From north America