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Toca Kitchen 2

Size : 92 MB Version : 2.1-play
Developer : Toca Boca
Updated : Jun 10, 2022
Size : 110.9 MB Version : 2.1
Developer : Toca Boca
Updated : Mar 11, 2022

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Debbie  ( Age: 27 from Canada )

Wanna be a chef and cook for your customers? Here in Toca Kitchen 2 you will be able to do that. Toca Kitchen 2 is an inspiring game that will aspire children and adults who are interested in cooking and want to be a chef. There are a variety of ingredients to choose from and many cooking tools at your disposal.

Sally  ( Age: 19 from America )

Try this free cooking game called Toca Kitchen 2. In this game, you will become the most capable chef and cook food for your customers. Wait to see their response, whether they like it or not, it would be rather interesting. No rules and time limits are set in the game, so you can relax completely and just have fun.

Editing and description of

Have you ever had the experience of working as a head chef in a sushi restaurant? If you have not, just try this hands-on game called Toca Kitchen 2. Toca Kitchen 2 is the latest app launched by Toca Boca and features cooking elements and more tools to implement for players. Players can also check out more ways of food combinations. Are you excited about hearing this? Download this app and start your chef career now! By playing this game, players will become even more creative and there is no need for you to worry about messing it up. You can test different food combinations and make your own unique recipes. Present your customers the most special dishes ever. In the game, it is unavoidable to get messy sometimes. You will be able to choose from six cooking tools and everything will be set up for you. Choose your favorite ingredients for dishes and make your kitchen messy. The most interesting thing in the game would be to see the reaction of your customers to your handmade food. To make them your supporters, you should, first of all, learn their personal preferences according to their previous reactions to different dishes. If they are not satisfied with certain food, try to adjust the ingredients or add more seasonings. Even if they don’t like your food, it is super fun to watch them get disgusted and get fooled by you. In the game, you can cook a variety of dishes like rice, spaghetti, chicken, etc., and there are new condiments added in the game as well, including soy sauce and dressing. Features you can enjoy in this game include new characters, characters’ interesting reactions, new cooking tools, etc. We hope that you will fall in love with this game in no time.

How to play

There is also a multitude of features at players’ disposal, including the choice of characters, ingredients, cooking tools, etc. Since it’s a hands-on game, it requires players to make a lot of decisions at the beginning of the game. To start with, when entering the game, players need to choose specific characters in order to continue the game. Once you finish your choice, you will be able to access the next page, which requires you to start creating your own unique recipes by using different cooking tools and ingredients to make food combinations. The customers will have different requests and you should cook for them according to their request, along with your part of the creation. After you finish the cooking, give them the dish and see their reactions. If they show displeasure after they have a taste, you could adjust the recipe next time they come. The key is to learn about every customer’s preference. Yet, don’t worry if your customers do get disgusted. It is still fun to see their funny face. In order to win the game, you should act quickly and master the preferences of your customers so that your restaurant will get higher ratings and more popular. Hope you have a lot of fun being a head chef in the game.


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Cool kitty girl 
I love this game it is a joy to play
2022-11-27 00:22:41 From Nothing