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Subway Surfers

Size : 153M Version : 2.32.0
Developer : SYBO Games
Updated : April 1, 2022
Size : 276.8 MB Version : 2.32.0
Developer : SYBO Games
Updated : April 4, 2022

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James  ( Age: 26 from Russia )

Subway Surfers has unlimited levels, so we can keep challenging ourselves. And the game is the best to test our hand–eye coordination, so we can improve our reaction speed while enjoying this game. In addition, the game's graphics are very adorable and stunning, and we can also enjoy the game while immersing ourselves in the beautiful background music.

Mary  ( Age: 27 from Colombia )

Have you ever run along the track while evading subways? In Subway Surfer, you will assist the four characters to get away from the inspector by surfing on a hoverboard. In this action game, you will experience smooth and speedy acrobatics and enjoy high-quality graphics. If you want to seek the excitement of being chased after, this game is designed for you.

Editing and description of

Subway Surfers is a free runner video game designed by Kiloo and SYBO games and players can play this game on multiple devices be it smart phones or Kindles.

The main character of Subway Surfers is a little boy running on the subway track. Our main purpose is to avoid the trains running on several tracks and rush to our destination in time. The graphic quality of this game is very high, and the overall design style is in cartoon, so players can enjoy this exquisite and lovely cartoon design when playing.  And the whole game uses 3 dimensions so I believe it makes your more immersed in this game and you can also feel the thrill of running a lot. Moreover, the operation of the whole game is relatively smooth and simple. Players do not need to master some particularly complex skills. We only need to use our reaction ability and finger flexibility. So in this regard, the game is very easy to pick up. Moreover, the sound effects of the game are very clean and exquisite, which will not make players feel particularly noisy, and the coordination of sound quality and picture is very fantastic. On a side note, it is worth mentioning that the scene we see when we lose is also very funny, because when we lose, the picture we can see is, the staff of the subway station carry the little boy away, so whenever we see this picture, I think you will burst into laughter. So all the players can play the game without any pressure. 

How to play

Generally speaking, the playing method of this game is very simple. We don't need to master some particularly complex skills or techniques. So when we open this game, we can start playing as soon as possible. What we need to do is to slide our fingers on the screen. When we see a running train in front, we need to change our track in time to avoid hitting the train, once we hit a train, then the game fails. Therefore, the basic skill of playing this game should be that we should be ready to change the track in advance. We can't wait until the train is very close to us before we change the track, because it's very dangerous, and our reaction speed will be not enough to avoid the upcoming train. At the same time, there will be some obstacles on the road as well. So, we need to pay attention to them in time and avoid them. Although this game is very simple as a whole, it still requires a little reaction speed of us. Because the little boy runs in a very fast speed and the train runs very fast as well. So we really need to train our reflexes in this game when playing.


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I love the game of subway surfers
2022-11-01 12:29:37 From Nigeria
Pi iiiiy 
This is the best game ever
2023-02-20 02:36:12 From WestColorado