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Toca Hair Salon 2

Size : 89.3 MB Version : 2.2
Developer : Toca Boca
Updated : Jun 9, 2022
Size : 89.3 MB Version : 2.2
Developer : Toca Boca
Updated : Mar 10, 2022

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Debbie  ( Age: 27 from Canada )

Here comes the second season of the Toca Hair Salon series! In Toca Hair Salon 2, you will be welcomed by 6 new characters as well as a variety of new cutting tools like a razor, curling iron, and a straightener. The color spray effects get more realistic and more accessories are added. 

Sally  ( Age: 19 from America )

As the second series of Toca Hair Salon, Toca Hair Salon 2 continues to serve customers without any display of in-app purchases and ads. In this version of the game, new characters as well as new tools and accessories are added to make the gameplay experience of players even more interesting. Even if you mess it up, you can still make the hair regrow.

Editing and description of

Be the most professional stylist in the world of Toca Hair Salon 2! You can choose whatever style you like and make it real. Whether you choose to cut, curl, or dye the hair of your characters, it all depends on you without any doubt. There are new hairstyles, new cutting tools, and more accessories for players to choose from. The game is user-friendly and provokes players’ creativity and imagination so as to create the most stylish hairstyle. There are altogether 6 characters at your disposal, and you can do whatever you want with them. You can make their hair either curl or straightened and dye them either in black or pink colors. Apart from stylizing the hair, you can also trim the mustache of your characters and even dye them. Even if you accidentally cut too much hair off, you can make the hair regrow by using the tonic in the game. So the length of the hair is adjustable. After you finish the hairstyle, you can also decorate your characters with all kinds of accessories, varying from hats, sunglasses, etc. See their reactions and if they are satisfied, you will definitely get happy. Even if they are not, you will be amused by their funny look and expressions as well. Of course, you can just let them go without leaving some photos of your masterpieces. Take them to the camera booth and take photos to memorize the moment. There are no time limits and specific score requirements in the game, so you can completely immerse yourself in the game without worrying about any outcomes. The game will make your hair stylist's dream come true and provide you with numerous chances to use your imagination and creativity to create your ideal artwork.

How to play

In the game, all you need to do is to take your time to design the hairstyle for your characters since there are no time limits and rules that restrain you. However, the game does require you to have a certain amount of basic knowledge regarding hair stylizing in order to master the game quickly. For example, in terms of the use of tools, different tools have different functions, so you need to learn about that. Scissors and electric trimmers are for cutting and trimming while shampoo, shower, and towel are for washing the characters’ hair. A hairdryer is a must when you finish washing your hair for sure. There are altogether 9 colors to choose from when you are considering dying your hair. To make your work even better, when you finish your hair styling, add suitable accessories to the characters, including hats, glasses, etc. Even if you fail to cut the hair to the right length, you can regrow the hair with a special tonic. Remember, the game is not about winning, but about enjoying. So don’t worry if you see the reactions of the characters are not like what you have expected after you finish their hairstyle. You may still find their reactions hilarious and their facial expressions amusing. It’s all about relaxing and maximizing your imagination and creativity in Toca Hair Salon 2. 


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