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Lotsa Slots™ - Vegas Casino

Size : 95M Version : 4.19
Developer : SpinX Games Limited
Updated : April 6, 2022
Size : 228.2 MB Version : 5.6
Developer : SpinX Games Limited
Updated : Mar 18, 2022

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Debbie  ( Age: 26 from America )

Are you tired of the mundane life and wanna seek some excitement? Dive into the Las Vegas world of casinos in Lotsa Slots-Free Vegas Casino Slot Machines right away and enjoy the ecstasy of winning jackpots with great rewards! In this game, over 80 slots machines are free for you to choose from, ensuring you an authentic Las Vega experience!

Vera  ( Age: 28 from America )

It’s one of those major casino simulation titles with a typically classic Las Vegas style. The game control is super mega simple with one-button touch-screen motion. Plus, you can also set the reels on automatic mode and seamlessly claim the rewards and hit jackpots without much effort. The slots machines largely replicate those original and popular ones in Vegas. 

Editing and description of

Released by SpinX Games Ltd., Lotsa Slots – Vegas Casino is one of the major online free slots game titles. This one is a new release of the creator in 2022, available for free downloading on Google Play and App Store as well as other app platforms. It is by nature a simulated casino gambling game designed for mobile devices and the gaming mechanism highly resembles other games under this genre, which is an ultra-saturated and homogenous market. The gameplay and principle are quite familiar for users who are into online free slots games. Basically players spend in-game coins to play the slots machines available to win more coins and rewards to unlock new free slots. Players are provided with over 80 free slots machines with typically authentic Las Vegas styles and themes. However, those so-called “free” slots are not immediately accessible at the start of the game. Instead, players start the gambling with only a limited number of free slots. They need to constantly spin the reel and play the slots machine to win enough coins to unlock new ones. Or, they can spend real money for in-app purchase so that they can have free access to those slots and get exclusive offers and perks. Plus, this game allows users to interact with other players online and race up the ranking board. 

How to play

Just like many other simulated online gambling game, Lotsa Slots – Vegas Casino adopts a very minimal and simple game control and extremely straightforward game rules. Players start the game with a limited number of free slots. They can spin the wheel without much strategy but some basic math as the essential game nature is luck or chance based. The gaming sessions are very quick and easy just as they are in real life casinos. On the interface of the player’s chosen slots machine, there will be all kinds of reels symbols. Then players can view their current bankroll on the screen as well as the betting values of those reels. This way, players can decide which ones are on their betting radars. Then, players can select their desired betting targets and also the lines. If they prefer to have all paylines selected in one go, then the “max bet” button applies.  Once the betting is set, players can hit the spin button on the slots machine. If they win then the game will present the rewards and further gambling option, which may bring even bigger jackpots later. Players can also set the slots machine on an auto play mode if they wish to continue spinning the reels as long as their balance still sustain the gambles. In order to unlock new slots, players need to win enough coins and bonuses, or they can purchase free access to unlimited free slots. Coins in this game come from many sources, including winnings, side events, daily challenges, ads-wall and other promotional offers. However, it is generally true that players usually see massive winnings during their first games, and then their beginner’s luck is likely to drain as the jackpots are getting more scarcely distributed and the losses can be devastating. Most players may tend to reach their hands to their deep pockets at some point of the game. 


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