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Papa's Cupcakeria To Go!

Size : 88.2 MB Version : 1.1.3
Developer : Flipline Studios
Updated : Sep 1, 2022
Size : 88.2 MB Version : 1.1.0
Developer : Flipline Studios
Updated : Jan 24, 2019

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Debbie  ( Age: 28 from America )

Papa's Cupcakeria To Go is a casual game in the Papa's Cupcakeria series with the theme of a cupcake store. All the player has to do is to help Papa make the most delicious cakes so as to attract more customers and make the cupcake store bigger and bigger. You need to follow the order of customer orders to complete a variety of appearance and taste of the cake, as long as the higher customer satisfaction, you will be able to get more gold coins. Maybe you'll even need to decorate the bakery to attract more customers and create a famous bakery of your own!

Lucy  ( Age: 29 from England )

You can learn and master various cakes making methods here, and use the methods you learn to make delicious cakes with various flavors waiting for you here. The cakes here come in different shapes and different decorations. This long-established cake store is the most popular store here, and it is busy all day long with many customers every day. You can learn how to make cakes by following the making process just once. The operation here is very easy.

Editing and description of

Make the most delicious cupcakes by baking and decorating in Papa’s Cupcakeria the most recent Papa’s restaurant series. With the controls redesigned, players using the smaller screens will find the game even more user-friendly and could enjoy a smoother gameplay experience. Throughout the gameplay, you will be able to come across various challenges and immerse in authentic hands-on experience, which will keep your hands busy all the time. Your final goal is to satisfy the needs of your customers so that you could earn more points to get upgraded. As the proceeding of the game, a new bunch of ingredients, customers, and special recipes will be unlocked. Enjoy the mini-games when you are bored with cooking cupcakes. The special feature of holidays will sync with real life and enable you to celebrate holidays in multiple ways by decorating the shop, customizing the outfits of your characters, or serving customers special-themed food. To enjoy mini-games, you need to earn tickets by serving customers in the first place. You could enjoy the games after you finish one day of work to relax. New ingredients are waiting for you to unlock, varying from the special ingredients served only on holidays. 

How to play

Playing a cooking and hands-on game requires players’ flexibility as well as problem-solving skills. Multitask between altogether four areas by moving your fingers with the newly designed controls. The game features four stations, namely, the order station, batter station, bake station, and build the station. In the order station, you will face all kinds of tricky and picky customers, from whom you will take the orders and write down all the requirements. Keep in mind you should always serve your customers at once and don’t keep them waiting for you for too long. After you take the order, quickly switch to the batter station to use the kitchenware to make batters using pans with liners. After you are done, instantly move to the bake station where you could use the oven to bake the cupcakes. When the cupcakes are baked just right, take them to the build station where you can add a wide assortment of toppings to the cupcakes, including frosting, shakers, drizzles, etc. In sum, players need to practice more and act quickly in response to customers’ orders. When getting tired, try mini-games to refresh yourself a little bit so that you could get ready for the next day’s work. Have a blast in the game!


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