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Toca Life: Hospital

Size : 319.2 MB Version : 1.3-play
Developer : Toca Boca
Updated : Jun 27, 2022
Size : 319.2 MB Version : 1.3
Developer : Toca Boca
Updated : Jun 28, 2022

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Debbie  ( Age: 27 from Canada )

Try Toca Life Hospital which game will help you know the system of hospitals even better! In Toca Life Hospital, the hospital building has 5 floors, each floor with different departments. You can move your characters between different floors to carry out all kinds of responsibilities. In this game, you will be able to have an authentic experience as a medical worker.

Sally  ( Age: 19 from America )

Have you ever been aspired to be a medical work? In Toca Life Hospital, you will realize your dream and witness all the hustle and bustle in the medical center. The game teaches players how to welcome new birth as well as how to say goodbye to your loved ones. It is an amazing and fun game carrying profound educational significance.

Editing and description of

Have you ever dreamed about being a doctor or a nurse yet the dream never comes true? Here is your chance in Toca Life Hospital to do what you have long been dreaming of! In the game, players will work at a busy medical center and are responsible for tons of patients. You will come across all kinds of accidents like giving birth to a newborn baby, taking care of patients, or even facing the death of loved ones. In Toca Life Hospital, you will be able to witness authentic situations in hospitals and experience both joy and pain in real life. The version of the hospital is filled with both excitement and challenges and you can learn a lot from this game. It teaches you to welcome newborn life as well as how to say farewell to loved ones in peace. The game features lots of equipment you will come across in real hospitals, like the X-ray scanner and other surgical facilities and tools. Therefore, by playing this game, you will be able to educate yourself about medical knowledge. In the building of the hospital, there are altogether 5 floors with different departments for you to explore. In the basement, you will see patients taken by ambulance get rescued in a hurry. There is a strange machine hidden in the lab which needs you to figure out the myth of it. On the 1st floor, there is a reception desk, a cafe, and a waiting area. On the floors above the 1st floor, there are treatment areas where different patients get treatment. The hospital also features a beautiful garden where patients and medical staff could take a walk to relax a bit. Finally, there is also a farewell room in which family members will say goodbye to their bygone ones.

How to play

Similar to other series of Toca Life, Toca Life Hospital has no specific goals to achieve in order to win the game. The game is developed mainly for the purpose of educating players and getting them familiar with the hospital system. So, forget about the objectives and just interact with all kinds of items in the game in order to learn from them. Also, in order to play the game in a smoother way, players need to familiarize themselves with the basic layout of the building in advance. For example, the basement floor is for treating patients out of accidents, the 1st floor is for reception, and the floors above the 1st floor are for different treatment purposes. What’s more, to make your Toca Life in the hospital even more colorful, you can record the screen while playing the game and make your stories like a television drama. To do so, you need to click the video button at the top right corner of the game interface. Once it starts to record, you can make your moves and record whatever you want. If you want to stop recording, just click the stop button in the right corner. Just enjoy the game!


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I always wanted to download this game cuz I love Toca well I hope that other people like this too
2022-12-25 14:21:04 From California
I want to get the game for free
2023-06-05 06:33:03 From USA