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Size : 124M Version : 1.22.1
Developer : PeopleFun
Updated : March 30, 2022
Size : 212.2 MB Version : 1.22.1
Developer : PeopleFun
Updated : Mar 30, 2022

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Alan  ( Age: 23 from Singapore )

It’s a creative word game with both puzzle and word-find gaming mechanics. Once as a top-10 game on Google Play, Wordscapes offers limitless levels of word games that truly calms you down, relaxes your mind and trains your brain. Playing one level after another helps you get into the zone of mindfulness and calmness. A daily brain exercise is not a burden but an effective mood changer.

Jacqueline  ( Age: 25 from Brunei )

This game can exercise your vocabularies and brain very well, because here in Wordscapes you need to use your intelligence to guess the words hidden in the maze. You'll be given a limited number of letters, and you'll use the letters to piece together the correct words. Overall, this game is rather relaxing and can be played when you're stressed or upset.

Editing and description of

Wordscapes is a crossword game where players complete levels mainly by spelling words. It's a single-player game,that was said to have been released by a game studio in the US in 2017. This game can be used on both android and ios systems. It is said that it has a very high ranking in the Google play store, and many people know this game. It is said that the game currently contains more than 6000 levels. In other words, players can constantly challenge themselves in the game. As the level increases, the difficulty of the game will also increase. After players have completed over 6000 levels, an unlimited number of additional master-level game levels can be accessed.


In my opinion, this game is actually very suitable for people who want to learn English words, because it can help us to master more vocabulary, and at the same time, we can have a lot of fun in the process of memorizing words. In the process of the game, players only need to combine different letters into a word to win. The victorious player can get bonus words and additional coins, which will bring a great sense of achievement and fun to the player. Although it is a stand-alone game that does not allow players to interact with other games, this game is still very fun. Because the music background of this game is very fresh and simple, the game mechanism is also very clear, and the game levels are very rich, which can help different players find their suitable difficulty, with very rich challenges and richness.

How to play

This game is essentially a crossword game, so its game mechanics are very simple. There is a circle at the bottom of the game interface, and the circle provides different letters for the player. All the player has to do is combine these letters into different worlds, and they need to be formed in order. Generally speaking, there are three to seven letters in the circle, the difficulty of the words given by different levels is different, and the number of letters is also different. As the difficulty increases, the player will get more letters and the corresponding words will become more complex. So this game is actually very suitable for people to expand their vocabulary of words because it allows us to constantly think about which words these letters can form in the game, and help us become familiar with more vocabulary.


When the game level is successful, players can get bonus words, as well as extra stars and coins, which can be used to buy props in the mall. And if the player really can't think of the answer, he can also get a system prompt. Each player will have a lot of hints, and after they are used up, they need to use a certain amount of stars or gold coins to buy them. This game has a total of more than 6,000 levels. It is said that if the player completes these more than 6,000 levels, it means that the player has a larger vocabulary, and then the player can also access master-level words. And there will be a puzzle every day in the game, which is mainly about words. I think the game can help us become familiar with some words we have forgotten. But sometimes we pass this level, we just know how to write the word, but we may forget the meaning of the word.


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