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Word Guess Challenge

Size : 43M Version : 1.6
Developer : Cider Software LLC
Updated : March 10, 2022
Size : 60.4 MB Version : 1.3
Developer : Cider Software LLC
Updated : Mar 11, 2022

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Philip  ( Age: 31 from America )

This game is as straightforward as its title says with no extra complication or hidden rules. It’s also a very light and fast-paced guessing game because each time players are only given maximum 6 attempts to figure the word out. The prompts are getting harder as you move up and it is a great opportunity to boost your vocabs whiling you’re blasting through those addictive levels. 

Phyllis  ( Age: 28 from Canada )

In this game, you can try to guess the word hidden in the maze many times. And the maze will give some hints, for example if you guess the letter correctly and it is in the correct position, the letter you have typed will be displayed in green, and if the letter is not in the correct position, then it will be displayed in yellow.

Editing and description of

Word Guess Challenge is a puzzle word guessing game. In the game, players can challenge different words, so this game can greatly help us improve our vocabulary, familiarize ourselves with words in different scenarios, and also help us master new words. Because in the game, players need to think constantly, operate according to the prompts of the system, and guess the correct answer. In fact, the game's settings are also very reasonable and user-friendly. The background music of the game is very soothing and relaxing, mainly pure music. If the player does not want the background music, they can also choose to turn off the sound effects and music in the settings button, so that the player will no longer hear the background music. The game team has done a very good job in the details. Players can click the data button at the top of the game interface at any time, so that players can see various data in their historical records, including the number of victories, the number of defeats, The failure rate, and the number of bonuses obtained, and so on. These data are very detailed. If players encounter some difficult problems during the game, they can also select the prompt button on the interface at the bottom of the game. In this way, the system can give players corresponding prompts, so that players can get more ideas. In my opinion, the worst thing about the game is its advertisements. This game has a lot of advertisements. For example, players have to watch advertisements when they want to get a hint, and each advertisement is about 30 seconds. Players get a chance to get a hint every time they watch an ad. I think watching ads is a waste of time and boring, and many players often complain that there are too many ads in this game. And as a stand-alone game, in this game, we can't interact with other players, and we can't see the data of other players. Players can only compare and compare with their data. Therefore, in this process, players are more likely to lack social fun and lack the motivation to compete with others. I think this game still needs to be improved further.

How to play

Unlike regular vocabulary games, this game is very difficult to play. Although there are some relatively simple levels when the level is relatively low, on the whole, this game is still a test of people's intelligence and vocabulary. When the player first enters the game, he can choose the mode he likes, that is to say, the player can click the mode button at the bottom left of the game interface to select the day mode and the night mode. In the middle of the game, the interface is different squares. Below the game are the letters given to us by the system. We need to select different words from the letters and fill in the corresponding squares. Each line is five spaces, which means the player needs to choose five letters, which must be able to form a word. And so on, to complete the selection of six words, a total of 30 letters. When the player has selected six words, they can click the submit button at the bottom of the interface, so that the system will mark the corresponding letters. If we see some letters turn green, that is, the system tells us that letter is correct, we have to guess a new word based on these green letters, so that the game can be completed. Therefore, the difficulty of this game is very high. If we really feel that we can't go on, we can also select the prompt button at the bottom right of the game. There will be a free prompt opportunity in each round of the game. , players need to watch ads to get hints. Players can get a hint opportunity every time they watch a 30-second small advertisement, so the hint opportunity is very precious, and players need to use it with caution. Of course, if the player completes the task, the player will get the corresponding bonus, and then the player can exchange for different props in the game store, making the game more interesting and rich.


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