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Size : 266.7 MB Version : 3.20.01
Developer : Tripledot Studios Limited
Updated : Nov 10, 2023
Size : 266.7 MB Version : 3.20.01
Developer : Tripledot Studios Limited
Updated : Nov 10, 2023

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Molly  ( Age: 23 from America )

Woodoku offers a captivating fusion of Sudoku and Tetris, invigorating logic and spatial reasoning. Its accessibility on mobile and web platforms ensures convenient gameplay. With a range of challenging levels, it caters to players of all ages. Despite a learning curve for Sudoku novices, its engaging nature makes it a delightful choice for puzzle enthusiasts seeking a stimulating and enjoyable experience.  

Simon  ( Age: 35 from America )

Dive into the captivating world of Woodoku, a delightful fusion of Sudoku and Tetris. Challenge your logic and spatial skills while enjoying its accessibility on both mobile and web platforms. With a diverse range of levels, the game provides stimulating entertainment for players of all ages. While it may pose a learning curve for Sudoku novices, Woodoku's engaging nature makes it a perfect choice for puzzle enthusiasts seeking an immersive and enjoyable experience.

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Woodoku is a puzzle game similar to Sudoku, where players must fill the board with different-shaped wooden blocks. This game combines the elements of Sudoku and Tetris, challenging players to use logic and spatial reasoning while placing the wooden blocks on the board.


At the beginning of the game, players are presented with an empty board and a variety of differently shaped wooden blocks. The objective is to fill the entire board with these blocks, much like solving a Sudoku puzzle. However, unlike Sudoku, the wooden blocks in Woodoku can be combined in different ways, and players must consider the shape and size of each block. Players need to strategically place the blocks in the right positions, ensuring that they do not overlap or extend beyond the board's boundaries.


As the game progresses, the complexity of the board increases, with the shapes and number of blocks becoming more diverse. Players must employ logical reasoning and spatial imagination, flexibly adjusting the positions and orientations of the blocks to ultimately fill the board. The game's increasing difficulty and challenges have garnered a significant following, making it a highly popular puzzle game.


Woodoku has gained popularity not only in mobile app stores but also as a browser-based game. This allows players to enjoy the challenge of testing their logical thinking and spatial reasoning skills anytime, anywhere. The game's simple rules and rich challenges have made Woodoku a beloved puzzle game suitable for players of all ages to enjoy and explore.  

How to play

To play Woodoku, players are presented with a blank board and a set of wooden blocks of various shapes. The objective is to strategically place these blocks on the board in a way that fills the entire board without any overlap. The game combines elements of Sudoku and Tetris, requiring players to employ logic and spatial reasoning to solve the challenges presented.


The game begins with the player selecting a wooden block from the available options and placing it on the board. The next block is then chosen, and the process continues until the board is completely filled. Unlike traditional Sudoku puzzles, Woodoku introduces the additional challenge of placing irregularly shaped blocks instead of numbers.


While placing the blocks, players need to consider the shape and size of each block to ensure they fit neatly within the board and do not overlap with one another. The game gradually increases in complexity as more blocks of diverse shapes are introduced, requiring players to think critically about how to position each block effectively.


Woodoku's appeal lies in its blend of puzzle-solving and spatial manipulation. The game tests players' spatial awareness and logical reasoning as they navigate the unique constraints presented by the wooden blocks and the board itself.


Whether playing on a mobile device or in a web browser, Woodoku offers an engaging and accessible experience for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. Its intuitive gameplay and progressively challenging levels make it a popular choice for those seeking an enjoyable yet mentally stimulating puzzle-solving experience.  


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