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June's Journey

Size : Varies with device Version : 2.55.1
Developer : Wooga
Updated : April 13, 2022
Size : 442 MB Version : 2.55.1
Developer : Wooga
Updated : Apr 19, 2022

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Judy  ( Age: 23 from China )

A very elegantly designed puzzle game with lots of intriguing elements and classic styles. It’s an enjoyable experience to solve riddles and seek hidden items while exploring the mysterious old mansion and unfolding its secret stories. I particularly love the vintage design of the artistic details and those mini-puzzles. They’re so refined in a way to echo the ambience of the game.

Rebecca  ( Age: 21 from China )

The scene design of June's Journey is very stunning. we can see different scenery with level getting increased, and you can also customize your mansion. In the game, we need to keep a sharp eye on our surroundings, so that we can find any clue hidden. So in this way we can also use this game to exercise our observation and problem solving abilities.

Editing and description of

It is said that June's Journey was launched by a casual game developer, and as an excellent game, it was once officially recommended by the I-phone Store. Like many adventure games, this game comes with a confusing plot. To put it simply, the background of the game tells the story of the protagonist June in New York in 1927.  He discovered that his sister and his brother-in-law were killed, and then started the process of thoroughly investigating the whole incident. June traveled to New York, Paris, and many other characteristic cities many times to find all kinds of clues to explore the truth. In fact, this game is very eye-catching to play, and it tests the player's ability to be quick with eyes and hands. If the player wants to get a very high score, they need to practice well, keep focusing and paying attention, and summarize some of these skills.


The game's graphics and scenes are very rich. In the game, there are very rich items in different scenes. For example, in a house, we will see that the furnishings in the house are very similar to those in our reality, such as pets, sofa chairs, photos, curtains, etc. Many very detailed points will also be presented in the game, including some accessories on the table, such as earrings, the arrangement of necklaces, and so on. Our protagonist is a person who is very fond of observation and has the ability to reason and think. June can infer some facts based on many small details and scatter his own associations. During the game, we can also see the prompts that the system gives us. I really appreciate the graphics and music background in this game, because it is very close to our reality, its color saturation is very suitable, and the visual effect is very good. Different buttons allow players to choose and focus on observing different directions and different items, which also gives players more selectivity and initiative, allowing players to explore the crime scene more by themselves.

How to play

The gameplay of this game is also the familiar mode of looking at pictures and objects. This game mainly challenges players to find out the items that appear on the screen and in the corresponding scene. However, its gameplay is actually simpler, because during the entire game process, even if the player can not find the corresponding item for a while, the player can click the light bulb in the lower right corner to get some free tips for free. From this point of view, this game is still very friendly. Because it is not like many reasoning games, which always require players to spend money to buy hints and so on. The number of hints in this game is completely free. This game is carried out in the form of chapters. Although the gameplay of the game is a little simple, it is very interesting. Players can switch scenes at any time, and they have more freedom of choice.


In order to allow players to play the game better, developers have come up with more ways to enrich the content of the game, such as dressing up. That is to say, players can use gold coins and stars obtained in the game to buy corresponding items, and constantly dress up in their villa. For example, players can buy parks, chairs, bushes, and so on in the mall to decorate their villas and make their villas more beautiful and richer. Of course, as the game progresses, more clues will slowly surface, and this process will make you think constantly and get more information. However, the setting of the stamina value in the game is quite tricky, because the player needs to consume a certain stamina value every time he investigates a scene. The player can accumulate a maximum of 100 stamina value, that is, it can be used up six times in a row. If you increase your stamina, you can only slowly wait for your stamina to recover on its own. Overall, this game is a relatively good adventure puzzle game.


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