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Doodle Jump 2

Size : 49M Version : 1.4.13
Developer : Lima Sky LLC
Updated : January 6, 2022
Size : 115.8 MB Version : 1.4.13
Developer : Lima Sky LLC
Updated : Jan 12, 2022

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Alex  ( Age: 24 from Canada )

It appears kinda silly at first but who would resist this fun little game on a friendly gaming interface with super adorable characters? Your tasks are simple— just jump and collect starts and unlock new fun characters all the way. It’s relaxing and rewarding, without dramatic tensions or crazy motion controls. Just a cute mood changer when you need one!  

Luna  ( Age: 26 from Singapore )

In Doodle Jump 2, you will definitely be attracted by the simple design of the game and a range of different monsters in it. You can find that every one is very cute. And the overall vibe of the game is relaxing, and we just need to get as many points as possible in the game, so we can unlock more avatars.

Editing and description of

Doodle Jump 2 is a very classic action jumping mobile game. It is a game that uses the device's gravity sensor to control the character to bounce up and move up continuously. In the process of the game, the player mainly controls the action of the character, jumping between the clouds, and constantly stepping on the platform to reach a higher height, so as not to fall, then you can get a higher score. In the game, each time the character jumps to a higher height, he will get a higher score, but props and various monsters will continue to appear during the game. Players need to cleverly avoid these monsters and use some props to jump to higher platforms, so as not to fall. The main difficulty of this game is that it requires the player to keep their eyes on the screen and keep their eyes on the screen, constantly controlling the movements of the characters. Players need to always observe the obstacles above and jump to a higher platform with the most reasonable angle and height, so it not only requires the player's patience but also requires superb observation and determination. The protagonist of this game is very funny, a cute little pig. When jumping to different clouds, sometimes there are props to help the piggy take off, but sometimes there are some obstacles, if the piggy hits it, it will fall off the cliff. This game will have a more reasonable ranking mechanism. Players can constantly impact their rankings and get higher scores, which can make players more motivated. During the whole process, players need to be very focused to control the little man to jump between the clouds, avoid all kinds of dangerous traps, and constantly improve their height. There are also very good-looking textures in the game, very simple and clear pictures, and the hand-painted style scenes are very refreshing and interesting. Players can continue to jump higher, increase scores, and challenge the limit. Of course, the further back in the game, the higher the difficulty, and the stronger the player's sense of achievement.

How to play

In this game, if you want to get a higher score, you need to hone your jumping skills and better start your journey on clouds and the galaxy. During the game, you will encounter a variety of creatures, such as spiders, bats, new mysterious monsters, and more. The task of the player is to avoid the enemy's attack by jumping, reflexing, and shooting. And harvest to collect some stars, keep jumping up, go higher and farther. Players can also upgrade their spaceships in this game, explore the farthest space, and continue to accept higher challenges. It's easy to say, but harder to do because the player needs to be staring at the screen all the time. New monsters and new creatures will continue to appear on the screen, and they will fly to you. At this time, you need to control the character very flexibly to prevent it from being attacked. , but also keep jumping and jumping to a higher flat platform to achieve higher scores. Of course, in this process, we will encounter some props from time to time, these props can help us jump up better, for example, they can help us take off and reach a higher height at the fastest speed, and occasionally it can also Help us spray some weapons to defend against the enemy. There are also some skills in this game. Players continue to explore and can summarize a few. For example, the player can control the height of the jump reasonably and does not need to stay on each step, but constantly choose a more suitable platform with the best height. Secondly, because in the process of jumping, we will also encounter different props and dangers, players can avoid dangers and get higher scores by using props. The use of props is irregular, depending on what props we come across on the road. My suggestion is that when we encounter props, we should collect them as much as possible and use them when necessary so that we can achieve twice the result with half the effort.


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