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Vlinder Doll: Dress up games

Size : 44M Version : 3.2.1
Developer : 31 Dress up Games
Updated : March 25, 2022
Size : 592.9 MB Version : 1.7.0
Developer : 31 Dress up Games
Updated : Mar 31, 2022

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Jerry  ( Age: 18 from Belgium )

Vlinder Doll: Dress up games can give players the best platform to develop their potential for fashion. In the game, players can design different styles for their favorite characters, including their hairstyles and clothes. The game also provides a lot of clothes choices with almost more than 1000 kinds, so players can fully enjoy the fun of dressing up in it.

Marie  ( Age: 19 from Benin )

This game is super cute and light heated with a massive collection of decorative items to players to customize their characters and try unlimited styles and features. This game does what it says and you can enjoy the simple fun of it without necessarily getting addicted to it. Plus the sound effect of the game is really soothing and delightful. Watching adds unlocks nice new items without paying real cash.

Editing and description of

This game is a very classic dress-up game, which means that players can choose a character in the game, mainly to choose the outline of a person, and then continue to choose different styles of decorations, clothes, and facial features for this person. and posture, etc.


This game is very fun, because his choices are very wide, from the beginning only the outline of a person needs to be selected, that is, a person's torso. This person has no facial features, no hands, no arms, and no clothes. We are constantly choosing to perfect our character and give him a matching match, his clothes, bags, sunglasses, hairstyles, shoes, socks, etc. To continuously enrich the image of our character, will bring us a lot of happiness and a sense of accomplishment in the process as if we are creating a character.


This game can enhance our creativity and enrich our imagination, constantly enrich our characters among the many choices, and let us choose more suitable and novel elements. This character is from zero, because at the beginning there is nothing, only by our constant choice, so we can create a very diverse image and character. And after we create this character, we can also save him. I see that many players like to share some of their game results on social platforms. These images are all varied, and there is no repetition at all, because there are so many choices in this game, it is almost difficult to find two people who are the same. This also allows us to compare and contrast our choices, and then constantly change our content, giving us a lot of room for imagination, which I think is one of the biggest attractions of this game.


I think this game is very suitable for children to play because it can exercise children's imagination and creativity, and at the same time let children have a lot of fun in these choices, learn a lot of knowledge about collocation, improve their aesthetics, etc. So I think this game is very meaningful.

How to play

From the practical experience, the gameplay of this game is very simple. First of all, there are different options under the interface of this game, including human skin, hairstyle, nose, eyes, coat, etc. We can slide the buttons below left and right to select different categories. At the same time, there are a lot of options under each category, we just need to click, then the screen of our options will appear in the game. We can see if this one is what we like. If we don't like it, we can also make other choices. We just need to continue to click on the options.


Of course, in the process of our selection, we can hear familiar music, simple rhythms, and sometimes small gifts appear from the top of the screen. These gifts are mainly to help us improve points and vouchers, and we can use these vouchers or points to exchange for some options, because some elements can only be selected by VIP users. For example, there are many hairstyles, but there are also seven or eight hairstyles, which can only be selected by VIP membership. Then if we are not VIPs, we can use the vouchers or points we receive to exchange for this VIP content. After all our parts are done, we can click on the save option in the bottom right corner and this will save the work to our phone. We can now put it on our social platform and share it with our friends as the avatar of our social platform. This is a very interesting point.


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