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Size : 213M Version : 1.9.1915
Developer : Mattel163 Limited
Updated : March 31, 2022
Size : 479.3 MB Version :
Developer : Mattel163 Limited
Updated : Mar 31, 2022

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Craig  ( Age: 33 from America )

This card game can exercise our strategic thinking ability, and it is also a relatively nice option to choose to kills the time. We can use this game to build a deeper relationship with our good friends. The game is simple play and it also provides a lot of special cards out there to help us play cards more without too much trouble.

Louise  ( Age: 25 from Canada )

A faithful digitalization of the all-time classic card game in the same title. Now players who like that type of card game can enjoy if whenever and wherever. Plus, this mobile versions offers more newly featured side events and seasonal special offers. It makes the most of online gaming and enhances the interactive element of this crowd-favorite game in the virtual world. 

Editing and description of

UNO!™ is a very classic casual card game. This game actually has a long history. It is said that it has appeared in 1971. Although the game is very old, it is very interesting and has always been ranked and influential in the app store. Many players love this game and regard it as a card game classic. I also think the game does a great job in a lot of places.


First of all, its format is very simple but very diverse. In UNO!™, players have different options, and different modes can support different functions. In this game, players can choose a single-player mode, or a multiplayer or two-player mode. Players can choose the classic mode, or they can choose the happy mode. This game satisfies players on different occasions and different needs. In addition, the game's picture is very bright, the color is mainly based on red tones. During the game, players receive cards of different colors, mainly red, yellow, blue, and green. Different cards and different numbers constitute the player's main game props. There will be a timer in the upper left corner of the game's interface, which shows how much time the game has played. When players win in the game, they will also get some rewards, such as stars and upgrades. There are some rankings in the system that players can also view, which to a large extent gives players a great sense of achievement and motivation. Many players are committed to playing this game well and getting a better ranking, so they will keep trying and challenging themselves. The background music of the game is also very interesting. The background music combined with the game content can make people more immersed in the atmosphere of playing cards and make people feel very relaxed.

How to play

The game mechanics of this game are very rich and diverse. First of all, the game is divided into two modes, one is the classic mode and the other is the happy mode. In classic mode, each player gets a number card, that is, each card has a corresponding number card on it. These cards have a total of four colors, red, yellow, blue, and green. If your card is the same color or the same number as the previous card, you can play. If you have a "prohibited card" in your hand, you can prohibit the previous or next player from playing cards. That is to say, when you know that your next person has no cards of the current corresponding color, the forbidden cards of the same color in your hand can not be played first, so that the next player can get a card because if you play Banned cards are like helping him. In addition to forbidden cards, there are some flip cards in the game. With flip cards, players can play these cards with the same color or the same color as the previous card when they are flipped. Among these cards are some wild cards, which can be played at any time.


In addition to this classic mode, there is also a happy mode. In happy mode, there are some new functional cards, such as the fan card, which is red and has a fan-like shape inside. This card allows you to play all the cards of the same color as the row in your hand at one time, as many as you want, so it is very fast. But his weakness of it is also very obvious. You can let everyone know that you don't have cards of this color in your hand, so it is easy to be run by other players. Both game modes have their own characteristics and are very interesting. When playing this game, it is recommended that players do not rush to rank others at first, because the most powerful rank is when others rank the least. When stacking up in the happy field, players should ensure that they have several different cards in their hands. If it is a two-player mode, they should also observe whether their teammates can afford their cards.


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