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Traffic Cop 3D

Size : 192M Version : 1.3.9
Developer : Kwalee Ltd
Updated : February 18, 2022
Size : 336.3 MB Version : 1.3.9
Developer : Kwalee Ltd
Updated : Feb 18, 2022

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Carlos  ( Age: 29 from Austria )

In Traffic Cop 3D, you can know the daily duties as a traffic cop, and you can check the traffic situations on the road and arrest those who disobey the rules. So you are responsible to ensure the safety and smooth flow of vehicles to avoid road crashes on the lanes.This game can surely help you understand the current traffic rules and exercise your observation ability.

Beverly  ( Age: 30 from Australia )

This game is cool to play as it accentuates the individuality of the player who patrols the neighborhood at night and investigates potential crimes. The game details and graphics well serve their aims and I have an immersive experience as I play along the game. What’s more, the customization of the police car is pretty flexible with many decorative options. 

Editing and description of

This game is a casual simulation game. The background setting of the game is that the player is a traffic policeman in the game. Players can control a police car to maintain the traffic order in the city. In the process of patrolling, players constantly scan to find suspected vehicles and arrest the suspects, so the background setting of this game is very interesting.


In the game, players can choose their favorite car at will, and then drive this car to patrol the streets. There are many types of vehicles, with different appearances and different performances. On the one hand, players need to be responsible for solving some problems such as traffic jams on the streets in the game. On the other hand, players also need to scan to find criminals. After the player confirms the criminal, the vehicle can be scanned to catch the criminal, but the criminal cannot escape. So this game is a very fun simulation patrol game. It is different from the theme of many games, and it can make us ordinary people have the addiction of police catching bad guys. Because in the game, the player is the guardian of a city and the supporter of the citizens. In the game, players punish evil and promote good, punish illegal vehicles, and arrest escaping criminals. The rich and varied content makes people overwhelmed, and there will be many random events, which will bring players different feelings.


In addition, the overall style of the game is very exciting. The types of vehicles here are also diverse, the roads are very simple, the gray ground, and the 3D style of painting makes people feel immersive. On the street, everyone must control their speed and slow down in crowded places, otherwise, they will bump into people or guardrails. In the process of law enforcement, players cannot run the red light themselves, and at the same time, let those who run the red light and do not obey the traffic rules be arrested.

How to play

The gameplay of this game is also very simple. After first entering the interface, the system will give us some hints. These hints are mainly in English. When the car goes to the maintenance place, it will also tell you that your vehicle is limited in speed, so you need to control your speed, so when you are playing the game, you must always stare at the information given at the top of the game screen. Prompt, follow the prompts to make our adjustments. The system will also give us a lot of choices in the process of the game. Players can choose to continue, or give up in the end. No matter what choice, there will be a corresponding plot to connect with it later.


There are many levels in the game, and there are different tasks at different levels. After completing each level, we will also get some green coupons and we will see an increase in the amount of money in the upper right corner of our game screen. We can use this money to exchange for more advanced equipment, such as more advanced models, etc., so the money is still very useful.


Players need to control the steering wheel when driving. The steering wheel is easy to control, that is, you need to touch it with your hands to change the direction of the car. We can also choose to turn on the sound of the siren, or turn off the sound of the siren, and choose to accelerate or decelerate, all of which can be manipulated through those very simple buttons. The scanning function of the police car is very important. Players can choose to turn on the scanning function of the car, and other vehicle information scanned by this will be displayed on the screen, such as whether he has a violation record, whether he has a criminal record, etc. This is a very good point of play and adds to the playability of the game.


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