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Size : 132M Version : 9.1.1
Developer : Playrix
Updated : April 15, 2022
Size : 327.4 MB Version : 9.1.0
Developer : Playrix
Updated : Apr 13, 2022

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Johnny  ( Age: 23 from Australia )

Township answers all my dream quests on a city-building game because it includes so many different projects and contents, from daily essential facilities to catering and entertainment businesses, you name it. Plus, it also integrates farming and trading into its gameplay to create a wholesome suburban simulation experience. Those mini-games are fun as well! 

Paula  ( Age: 31 from Canada )

This game allows you to experience the fun of city building and farming with other people. Because in the game you need to participate in the construction of this town, as well as every part of planting plants. We can also see some very rare animals in the game, as well as some special crops, we can explore it gradually ourselves.

Editing and description of

This game is a very traditional and classic farm management game. In fact, this game combines the construction of the city with the management of the big farm. Players of the game will develop planting, breeding, and city building around an agricultural town, and then carry out some trade. The theme of this game is to expand one by one independent farm to form a complete industrial chain. In this way, players can obtain higher income to expand their territory, and at the same time make the town more developed. The picture of this game is very delicate, and the style of painting is also very distinct. There are different plants and animals on the farm, and there are different venues for players to build and develop their creativity. Players need to harvest the fruits when they are ripe, that is, they also need to sow new vegetable seeds and raise some poultry when sowing. Players can find the fun of pastoral planting in this game. The sound effects of this game are also very cute and beautiful. The music effects are different in different scenes, which can help players better immerse themselves in the game and have more fun. Because most people live in big cities with reinforced concrete and have never experienced the pastoral scenery and life, this game is very suitable for players to experience farm life. Because the players need labor to sow and harvest, and also need to raise poultry, etc. Players can feel the ordinary day of farm life here, make the farm bigger and stronger through their own hands, and constantly make the city more prosperous. This game also tests some strategies of players, for example, after their agricultural products are mature, they can be exchanged for money at the market and so on.

How to play

The gameplay of this game is relatively simple because the game is based on the development of the town. First of all, players need to complete the work related to the construction of the town in the game. The first thing is to have buildings. Players need to build houses in this game. , building community factories and farming pastures, and more. Because the development of the town originated from planting and aquaculture, players need to put crops and various agricultural and sideline products into factories in the town for processing into various products. And then they need to complete the orders of residents through transportation, and distribute related services, so that game players can get gold coins and experience points. Therefore, in this game, ordering and buying and selling products are the earliest way to get money back. Players can also unlock farmland in this game. The area of farmland should be unlocked according to the existing population. For example, the more the population, the more farmland you can create, but the population is limited. Increasing the population cap requires building community buildings, but community buildings still need to be filled with new materials after construction is completed. These materials are mainly supplied through various means of transportation. As for transportation, for example, using a train carriage to transport building materials to another place, this process may take two or three hours, and the player needs to wait during this process. In this game, in addition to money, there are various props such as shovels, axes, and saw blades, which can be purchased. When players build a market, they can buy some items in the market, but generally speaking, the prices of the items in the market are more expensive than those made by themselves, which is also very consistent with our real-life logic. During the market cycle, the items that the player has not purchased need to be forcibly removed from the shelves. If the player cannot find the item in the market, he can also pay the banknotes to find the merchant for him. Of course, the merchant must be provided with a certain remuneration.


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