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Toon Blast

Size : 108M Version : 8416
Developer : Peak
Updated : April 4, 2022
Size : 438.2 MB Version : 8416
Developer : Peak
Updated : April 5, 2022

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Paul  ( Age: 21 from Sweden )

The playing method of this elimination game is very simple, and the level design is very reasonable. There are many special tools in it to help us pass levels faster and better. After we finish the level, we can collect some stars. Toon Blast can also let us see all kinds of lovely animals in it, so we can feel very comfortable when playing the game.

Betty  ( Age: 24 from Thailand )

Toon Blast is the funniest game in my opinion. Different from the previous match-3 games, its condition is to successfully eliminate the number corresponding to the given color, and the more eliminations, the more points! The style of this game is very cartoony and cute. It's the coolest and most durable puzzle game I've ever played, with cute graphics, dynamic music, cool motion effects and a game rhythm.

Editing and description of

Toon Blast is a fun mobile puzzle game launched out by the publisher called Peak in the year of 2017. So far this game has gathered a lot of fans around the world.

If you have not played this kind of puzzle game so far, I suggest you can directly use this game as your first try, because this game is very friendly to new players. It will teach you what you need to do in the game. So it's very easy for new players to get started, and it's also very good for our game experience. Apart from that, the game is full of refreshing graphics, which are really comfortable to see. And the overall design style is also in cartoon, and the animation design is also very exquisite and delicate. The overall design of the game is very unique and stunning. We can see that there are squares of different colors in this puzzle. The different colors of the squares can help us better distinguish them visually, and then tell which layers are easier to eliminate. More importantly, the sound effects of this game is very cute and adorable. We can easily enjoy the whole gaming process, and then focus our puzzle solving while listening to them. The design concept of this game is to make players feel relaxed and happy to the greatest extent, so in any aspect of Toon Blast , it can be said to be as attractive as possible and it is also very funny, including some main characters which are very cute and make our players feel very relaxed. You will gain endless fun through this game. 

How to play

When you first play Toon Blast, this game will be very considerate to prepare some simple and useful tutorials for you, so you don't have to worry about no one teaching you at the beginning of the game. Then we can also explore while playing by ourselves while playing it. Generally speaking, the game is relatively simple to play. All we need is to match some of the same squares then create some combos to eliminate them. When playing the game, we need to pay attention to some strategies. For example, we can eliminate it from the bottom layer first, because eliminating form the bottom layer is the quickest way to get our whole puzzle reshuffled. Therefore, if we move the bottom layer, it is easier for us to obtain some new puzzle cubes. At the same time, we also need to plan in advance to see which side of the cubes is easier to eliminate. When we play it we can also notice that except combos we can also create some special tools such as bomb and rocket so it will help us quicker eliminate layers. And they are really powerful, two rocket together will help a row and a column disappear.


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