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They Are Coming!

Size : 52M Version : 2.2.60
Developer : Rollic Games
Updated : April 6, 2022
Size : 118.3 MB Version : 2.7.3
Developer : Rollic Games
Updated : April 1, 2022

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Martin  ( Age: 22 from Netherlands )

They Are Coming! Is a very addictive and interesting game. Our purpose in the game is to use the weapons at our hands or the tools with strong damage found on the road to destroy the enemies who are chasing after us, and we also have to make sure the number of our soldiers on our side do not get reduced a lot.

Lori  ( Age: 21 from Panama )

It is a simple but exciting game anyone can play on the go. The gameplay is straightforward: calculating the right route and multiply your army size and outnumber the opposite team; avoiding obstacles and attacking your enemy. Very clear goals and obvious choices. The thrill and excitement comes from your actual playing experience when you have to act fast and judge calmly.

Editing and description of

This game is very mini because its installation package is very small to be downloaded. But the game can be downloaded on a variety of platforms, and players don't have to worry about their devices being unable to download and install the game. Now, the game has millions of downloads and over 10,000 comments. This game is very innovative, with a mix of different gameplay and design, it is suitable for people of all ages to play and relax the brain.


Because this game is a mini-game for casual entertainment, players need a more relaxed and simple style. The characters in the game are divided into classic blue stick figures and red stick figures. The background of the game is a gradient of blue and white, and there are blurred silhouettes of buildings. The light blue and white running track occupies most of the screen, which is extremely simple. In the process of passing the level, there are also red swirls and gradient barriers, which increase the richness of visual effects. Players can unlock colorful skins as they level up and their interest in the game increases. The game is relatively fresh and bright as a whole, and it will not cause visual confusion and complicated feeling to the players.


Dynamic background music combines with the delicacy of the characters. When the dynamic rhythm sounded, the stickman kept moving and the gunfire kept firing. All game elements are so harmonious. Although the music has no lyrics, the light music that changes in different scenes also makes the game tenser and has a fighting atmosphere.

How to play

This casual game combines shooting and parkour gameplay, so the gameplay is very innovative. Players need to control the character's actions, choose a variety of colored barriers, complete kills with the weapons in their hands, and get rid of the enemy to win. Throughout the game, users need to avoid various obstacles such as roulettes, cylinders, etc. Players must choose the correct barrier to pass to reduce the loss of health. There are various operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on the barrier. Choosing the correct operation can greatly increase their combat effectiveness. Players also need to collect different characters and equipment to enhance their combat effectiveness. The equipment includes 13 weapons such as bows, submachine guns, and laser guns, as well as various well-designed skins waiting to be unlocked. It should also be noted that throughout the process, the player is more like the protagonist of the movie being chased, fighting alone. Players need to keep going backward instead of forwards. Players also need to be on fire to protect themselves and kill enemies. After each level is passed, the system will summarize the results of that level. How much fighting power the player has left and how many gold coins they have harvested will be displayed at the top of the screen.


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