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Size : 161M Version :
Developer : 505 Games Srl
Updated : December 8, 2020
Size : 256.2 MB Version :
Developer : 505 Games Srl
Updated : Dec 1, 2020

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Vera  ( Age: 24 from England )

Terraria resembles Minecraft in many ways as it adopts an open world gaming mechanism where players are given so much freedom and flexibility to build their own ideal world. The vast scope of the gaming field allows many types of activities to take place. Players need to build, craft and combat to survive, yet I think the most attractive part is to explore the open world full of possibilities. 

Debbie  ( Age: 28 from America )

Enjoy the old-school adventure gameplay of Terraria featuring well-designed locations and over 400 enemies in creative images and try the multiple play mode for up to 7 friends! Sharpen your battle skills during your journey and establish your dream city till the end. The game is in a classic pixelate style which can bring you back to your childhood memory right away!

Editing and description of

Terraria is a 2D adventure game about artisan builder and other 2D adventure games released by 505 Games Srl. This game is characterized by the fact that the player does not have a specific mission objective. It's a game built around exploring the environment and character development, and at the same time, players are free to build elaborate structures here. In this side-scrolling game world, players will continue to explore and expand by digging down and building up high places. After entering Terraria, the game will provide the player with a tutorial. It takes about 20 minutes and tells the player most of what they need to know, especially the gameplay. The tutorial shows the player all the game controls, such as how the player can change weapons, build materials, chop trees, and fish. After this, players can begin their exploration of this rather large world and dig, chop, craft and build with the tools provided.

Terraria is currently very popular in major app stores and has high player satisfaction and ratings. It has 349,644 reviews in Google Play store and a review of 4.6 stars out of 5. In US Apple App store it has 4.5 stars rating and ranked as #4 in Adventure. There are 43.7K ratings received in iOS App store. In Amazon, it has 12,029 reviews and a review of 4.2 stars out of 5.

How to play

Terraria's game world has 3 different options, small, medium, and large. After players select the map size, they can officially enter the game. Although the game allows players to do whatever they want, players also need to survive by collecting resources such as wood, stone, metal ores. All the player's actions in the game can be summed up as exploring everywhere, digging everything, hitting everything, and constantly building. This is also the basic premise and simplest definition of a game. 

After starting the game, players can build a house for their game character. During the day of the game, players need to face different enemies like vultures. At night, players can spend the night in this house. Because, at night, the player will face more dangerous enemies like zombies, and they will do more damage to the player. If the player likes to hide in the house for the night, then they can make it their goal to build a greater mansion. But players need to constantly collect materials for this. 

Each world in Terraria has different biomes, such as ocean, jungle, desert, and underworld. Because players will encounter different and dangerous enemies in each biome, they need to collect as many resources as possible and craft armor and weapons to protect themselves. Players can learn in the game guide what combinations of materials create the best combination of weapons that do more damage or learn which armors can improve the player's defense attributes more. In addition, in the game, different bosses must meet different unlock conditions to fight them. However, because of this, these bosses can help players find goals in Terraria's game world, and after defeating the bosses, players will drop various rare items and other materials that help the player's adventure. 

Terraria is not a game that players can complete in a few days, and it even requires players to be prepared to spend a lot of time in the game world training, digging, building, hitting, or exploring.


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