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Temple Run

Size : 47M Version : 1.19.3
Developer : Imangi Studios
Updated : November 25, 2021
Size : 181 MB Version : 1.19.1
Developer : Imangi Studios
Updated : Aug 12, 2021

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William  ( Age: 21 from Malaysia )

Temple Run has a very wonderful story line, which is very attractive. The playing method of the game is also combined with the characteristics of adventure games. Tools and rewards in the game are rich, and the game is very simple and easy to understand. Moreover, this game has many players all over the world, so we can also make friends using Temple Run.

Jennifer  ( Age: 26 from Mexico )

Have you already heard of the famous Temple Run ages ago? Yes, the pioneer of running games is currently available for Android as well. Try this game and see whether you can surpass the scores of your friends. Escape from the chasing of the Monster called Evil Demon Monkey with the cursed idol, run along the dangerous cliffs and walls at your fingertip, and gather coins.

Editing and description of

Temple Run is a runner video game initially released by Imangi Stuidios in the year of 2011. Temple Escape is a very simple and fun game. It has been released in almost all regions of the world, so its fan base is also very large. I would recommend it to all of you guys. First of all, the overall operation of the game is very smooth and quick, you can simply touch and slide on the screen to control the direction of the character. So simply put, this game requires almost no skills, and you can make the character get some growth in the game. The key is that you can help the character gain some coins. The graphics are very clear and in high quality. The whole art style is very mysterious and attractive, because it needs to match the theme of escape, so the brightness of the picture and its style are very consistent with the background story of the escape, which is that some explorers are going to steal a statue from the ancient temple. Then these explorers will be pursued by a group of demons because they are stealing gods. Moreover, the sound effect of the game is also very gripping, which can make players very immersed in the game. Some buildings of Temple Run can make people see learn from some other mysterious buildings in the world because game designers were enlightened by the old and famous historical buildings around the world. I believe that game developers have also spent a lot of effort to design. In recent years, some problems such as delays of the game have been solved very well, so we will feel very comfortable when playing.

How to play

The main character of this game is the explorer who steals statues in the temple. When we start this game, what we need to do is to firstly select our favorite character.I like games that help players to customize their own characters, because we don't like to follow the default settings of the system. We can have a little affection for our own characters. First of all, when we run, we will find that the game also adopts the third person perspective, so at this time, we must be familiar with the perspective of the character. We need to adjust our own perspective to the perspective of the game characters, which can facilitate us to move and jump in time to avoid some obstacles and so on. The ultimate goal of the game is to get enough gold coins and survive to the last minute, so we need to run more distances to get more gold coins. So what we need to do at this time is to improve our reaction speed. We should know that this escape process is full of all kinds of adventures. We need to make my character jump left and right in time, and we need to learn how to avoid some obstacles in time.


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This game is awesome 👍 and it is fun
2023-01-18 07:32:41 From japan