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Sweet Crunch - Match 3 Games

Size : 81M Version : 1.6.8
Developer : Infinigames
Updated : April 2, 2022
Size : 182 MB Version : 1.6.8
Developer : Infinigames
Updated : April 1, 2022

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Willie  ( Age: 45 from America )

This game has a classic gameplay that everyone can manage to play real quick. The 3-minute bite-size sessions allows you to take a quick and sweet break anytime in your hectic schedule or sleepy dull afternoon. The glittering and colorful graphics of delicious sweets can absolutely wake up your eyes and brighten up your day! It is absolutely a quick mood changer and enhancer for people on the go.

Doris  ( Age: 37 from America )

Sweet Crunch - Match 3 Games are all about candy, so this is a very sweet game. It is a classic match-3 game so you do not need to learn any complicated skills. And when you create combos and cubes are eliminated, the special effects on the screen are interesting. In addition, its rewards are very rich, so you will feel more motivated to win.

Editing and description of

Sweet Crunch- Match 3 Games is a casual puzzle game developed by infinigames. It is free for downloading on both iOS and Android platforms. The game mechanism is not unfamiliar to most players with or without gaming experience because this game adopts a conventional classic game rule which can be found in many other games alike. Players start from easier levels to harder ones by blitzing through each challenge level with a minimum passing goal. Players have to identify and merge at least 3 same candy/biscuit patterns (shape, color etc) to blast the candies and gain scores. When the scores earned reach the preset scoring target, players successful pass the challenge and move on to the next level. The game is themed in a sweet and lovely world of candies and desserts that truly brings a relaxing and lively gaming experience for players. Although the gameplay scheme sounds quite simple and repetitive to you, yet there are a massive amount of challenges levels from easier to medium and complicated phases, which creates a spiraling challenge pace for players, who can enjoy a limitless fun of the beautiful fantasy of sweets. This mobile game is generally very popular with large downloads. Most players find it very enraging and fun to play and many rating sites and platforms demonstrate a positive average score of this game, around 4.5-5.8 out of 5. Most players refer to the game as being super idle and relaxing with easy to follow rules and game control. 

How to play

Sweet Crunch-Match 3 Games is an extremely easy-to-start game that everyone can give it a go without much hiccups. It adopts a conventional game rule that you have probably already known from other similar games. First of all, this game is level based. Players  move up from one level to another by achieving the goal each level requires. Essentially the game rule is very straightforward: players must identify or merge at least three items of the same shape, pattern or color together in a row and move in one go, either vertically or horizontally to blast through these consecutive row of items. It should be noted that all the motions and movies shall be made in one step in strokes and moving diagonally is excluded in this game. Also, the difficulty level of the challenges starts off easy and rises to to harder mode where players need to blitz through more complicated patterns and earn more points to pass. Under such situation, players must leverage the boosters to maximize their scoring ability. To create a rocket booster, players need to locate and create a row of at least five identical items. This would give them an edge to hit a massive blast and gain huge scores. There are hundreds of levels awaiting and players can always have a quick sweet blitz in about 3 minutes. 


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