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Super Mario Run

Size : Varies with device Version : 3.0.24
Developer : Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Updated : December 1, 2021
Size : 262.5 MB Version : 3.0.24
Developer : Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Updated : December 6, 2021

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Thomas  ( Age: 21 from Poland )

In this running game, you can choose from many tracks. And different tracks have various challenges and some thrill. We have a lot of interesting characters, not only classic characters, but also some other characters that are unique. So we can have more choices in the game.The playing method of the game is very simple, and the game control is responsive, which is really suitable for novices.

Lisa  ( Age: 24 from Russia )

Meet the worldly renowned game character Mario and start a running adventure with him. Manage the actions of Mario as he travels across the world with a variety of breath-taking scenery. Tap the screen with different frequency to trigger all kinds of actions by Mario while gathering coins along the way. The ultimate goal is to create the kingdom of your own!

Editing and description of

Super Mario Run is an addictive runner game originally designed and launched in the year of 2016 by Nintendo. It is available for both iOS and Android users. By far this game has attracted millions of players from all over the world.

Super Mario Run is a very fun game. In the game, your character is a man named Mario. Then you have to run in a place near a castle that is on fire, your goal is to save people in the castle and successfully get over all kinds of obstacles you encounter in the process. First of all, when we open this game, we can be attracted by the classic character Mario and his cute moves. And the animation of the game is also designed very smoothly and beautifully. I believe this is also because the designer is a top game company in Japan with a very long history, so you can fully trust their technology. There will be a short introduction at the beginning of the game. This introduction will tell you how to do it, including how to click on your screen to let Mario jump or land. Note that our whole journey is not smooth. We may encounter some places like hills or rivers, so we need to jump in time. The scene design in the game is also very classic. Although the game has a little pixel style, I believe you won't feel very bored when playing. Moreover, there are a lot of gold coins in the game. During the journey, we can collect these gold coins while walking. 

How to play

What we need to keep in mind is that Super Mario Run is a game that allows us to exercise our reaction speed and finger flexibility, so when we want to play, we must pay attention to making full use of our reaction ability. At the beginning of this game, we will see a short introduction. If we are very familiar with this game, we can skip it. Then we need to pay attention to that when playing the game, we can't let Mario stop himself. He will stop only when he falls into the river or fails, or unless we press the stop button. Then we need to keep in mind that we need to collect a lot of gold coins during the game, Sometimes these gold coins will be indicated by arrows shown in the game, and sometimes they will appear in a very difficult place. At this time, we need to make some choices to see if it is worthy of risking collecting them, and in the process of playing it we may meet some enemies, and then we also need to defeat these enemies using our intelligence. In general, this is a very fun game that is worth trying.


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