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Stumble Guys

Size : 120M Version : 0.37
Developer : Kitka Games
Updated : March 28, 2022
Size : 345.8 MB Version : 0.37
Developer : Kitka Games
Updated : March 31, 2022

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David  ( Age: 33 from Norway )

Stumble Guys can support 32 players to play online at the same time, and the playing method of the game is really interesting. we can make others stumble over and try to be the first person to reach the finish line. Also the game has endless levels. Each level has different obstacles inside, so when playing the game, we can explore and enjoy it at the same time.

Susan  ( Age: 22 from Poland )

Run with your friends online and overcome all kinds of obstacles. Stumble Guys allows multiple players up to 32 to play together in the game. Compete with each other and see who will make it to the end. Players who fail will start all over again, so try to keep up with others and surpass all! The game is so fun to play with a bunch of friends!

Editing and description of

Stumble Guys is a fun multiplayer mobile game designed by Kitka Games and launched in the year of 2021.

The overall atmosphere of this game is said to be very chaotic, but it is chaos that makes this game more playable and enjoyable. In this game Stumble Guys, you will compete with many players at the same time to see who can be the first to run to the end, but you will encounter a lot of challenges and risks in this process. When you encounter difficulties, you need to make yourself manage to survive. And you have to try to stop other players from running as fast as you do. You can invite your good friends to play this game with you. In this way, you guys will have more fun. At first glance, the cartoon style of the game and the colorful graphics are very beautiful, so we can feel that the game is very interesting when we play. And this game has very good visual effects. For example, there are some hurricanes along the way and other thrilling platforms, you could easily get attracted by them. There are also some Trampolines where we can jump into a higher place. The special effects of this game are incomparable. On a side note, the various sound effects used in this game are also very funny, and these sound effects match the game style very well. This game can also let us trip a lot of other players, because winning is the ultimate goal. When we successfully trip people on the way, the scene is very funny, so on the whole, this is a very hilarious game.

How to play

In Stumble Guys, our key skill is how to avoid such obstacle. Because in the game, there are not only some obstacles such as bouncing bed, but also we may encounter, such as rolling stones, strong wind and so on. Therefore, in this massive chaos, any obstacles are unpredictable, so we need to rely on our keen response ability and flexible fingers to help our characters quickly escape these obstacles smoothly. And then we also need to compete with other players, so in this regard, this game is a bit tricky to some degree. We can use some tip, such as tripping other players so that they won't catch up with us. Then we can also use some of the physics of some platforms in the game, such as the bouncing bed. We can let them help us bounce higher and get quicker. We can also use some other methods as well, which needs us to explore in the game ourselves. Tripping is absolutely funny and you will notice it when you play the game.

In the game, The final reward is also obtained according to the final ranking of the player, so if we want to be the first, we need a lot of efforts and practice.I believe you could get better and better with time.


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