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Star Chef™: Restaurant Cooking

Size : 100M Version : 2.25.35
Developer : 99Games
Updated : March 18, 2022
Size : 363.9 MB Version : 2.25.35
Developer : 99Games
Updated : Mar 18, 2022

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Steve  ( Age: 27 from United Kingdom )

Star Chef: Restaurant Cooking allows you to experience the fun of being a chef and running a restaurant. In this game, you can design some of your favorite foods according to your own favorite recipes. You can also hire some cooks to help you when you have many orders. You can also learn a few food-cooking skills from this game as well.

Kelly  ( Age: 28 from United States )

Star Chef™: Restaurant Cooking is a fun online cooking simulation game. It's a must-see option for players looking to manage a team of skilled chefs and customize their own restaurant. Star Chef™ allows players to customize your restaurant and grow your own vegetables in the restaurant's backyard, as well as build a master kitchen and cook satisfying delicacies by hiring and managing skilled chefs.

Editing and description of

Star Chef™: Restaurant Cooking is a management simulation game. In the game. In the game, players will have a restaurant with their team of chefs and service staff. What the player has to do is to manage the restaurant, keep it running, and keep getting better. At the same time, players can also use their creativity to expand the scale of the company, and make the restaurant more luxurious. There is a vegetable garden behind the restaurant. Players can also grow their vegetables in the vegetable garden, and regularly pick vegetables and send them to the kitchen for chefs to use.


This game also has very rich social functions. For example, players can play games with Facebook friends, players can visit friends' restaurants in the game, and help each other through transactions, that is, players can sell to friends by selling to friends. Some of your food to get gold coins. Of course, in addition to selling to friends, players can also sell to other merchants. In this way, they can operate their restaurants and get more gold coins. Don't underestimate these gold coins, they are very useful. Because if you want to expand your restaurant, you need gold coins to get permission. If you want to hire more waiters and cooks, then you need to spend some gold too. To make your restaurant more beautiful and distinctive, you will inevitably spend a lot of gold coins. Therefore, players must pay attention to the acquisition of gold coins in the process of the game, which can be obtained by trading or passing.


The unique thing about this game is that it has a very complete workflow. Players are responsible for everything from cooking to food procurement, including the cultivation of vegetables used in cooking and the decoration of restaurants. That is to say, from the front hall to the back kitchen, all of which need to be managed by the player. So this game not only allows you to be a chef who can cook, but also a comprehensive manager.

How to play

Players build their high-end restaurants in the city center and maintain a high star quality. Players are responsible for managing the chef team, but at the same time, they can also make a variety of world cuisines by themselves. Players can only provide very good service by using various professional cooking equipment. Players have to worry and be busy in the kitchen every day for the operation of the restaurant because players need to manage a team of skilled chefs, as well as some service staff. If players want to expand their restaurant, it will take a long time to hire more employees, but at the same time make sure that your kitchen is always running in order, only then can your restaurant become a star restaurant.


The decoration of the restaurant is also very important. Players can use various tools to decorate the walls and floors of the restaurant, and they can also decorate the dining table. Decorate into the personalized restaurant of your dreams. Players will have their backyard, in which you can grow all kinds of fresh ingredients, such as tomatoes, potatoes, small greens, and so on. In order to ensure the reasonable operation of their restaurant, players can pick fresh vegetables in the backyard and deliver them to the restaurant, and make delicious food to serve to the guests. When hungry gourmet guests come to your restaurant, you can serve them this treat.


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