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Solitaire: Texas Village

Size : Varies with device Version : 1.0.40
Developer : WhaleApp LTD
Updated : October 21, 2021
Size : 181.7 MB Version : 1.0.39
Developer : WhaleApp LTD
Updated : 22 Oct 2021

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Louis  ( Age: 23 from United States )

Solitaire: Texas Village is a very fun and addictive card game, it has stunning graphics and catchy background music so we can have an immersive game experience. And there are many levels, so we can constantly challenge ourselves and have more fun. There is also a story line inside, which is a very romantic love story. And our mission is to save the couple.

Judy  ( Age: 33 from United Kingdom )

Solitaire: Texas Village is a stylish card game. Players can build a cozy ranch home with funds earned by playing card game levels. The game has a romantic storyline and beautiful graphic design. It is an excellent little game that combines a variety of game elements and allows players to experience happiness and relaxation at any time. Grab your cards now and start customizing your own estate legend.

Editing and description of

This game is a card gambling game. The picture of the game is very delicate, because it uses 3D technical effects, and the picture will bring players an immersive feeling of this game. There are a variety of scenarios to choose from, you can play in a casino, or you can play in a variety of environments such as forests and even deserts. The beautiful scenes, luxurious desktops, and stylish decorations in the game process make the game effect very realistic and vivid.


The sound effects of this game are particularly good. In the game, not only the relaxed and lively background music melody is played, but also the various sound effects are very pleasant. For example, when flipping poker, the effect sound and the sound when the chips collide are very clear, which can make the player concentrate on the game itself when he is tense, and integrate into the game well.


Players can choose different game modes, these game modes enrich this game type, players can not only choose two to eight players, but also challenge the computer at will, choose the championship mode to test their level, or pass some games. The LAN and Internet modes play against more players, so this game is great. Popular in European and American market games, when players win the game, they will get a lot of gold coins, and this process will enhance the player's sense of satisfaction. When players play games on the computer, they can fight unrestrictedly. In this very realistic 3D picture effect, players will have a very strong sense of realism, making you forget that you are in the game as if you were there.

How to play

Regarding the gameplay of this game, it is very similar to many classic poker games. Whether you are a beginner or a professional card game player, this game can meet many needs of players. The gameplay of this game is very simple. Players use their own two cards and five community cards to combine with other players, so the mechanics of this game are very simple.


The decision and betting methods regarding the outcome of the game are very similar to real-life poker games. Players can call bets by placing chips, following the crowd to place equal chips. Players can also choose to fold, that is to give up the opportunity to continue the board. Players can check, which means to choose to cede the decision to the next player in the event of no bet. In addition, players can choose to raise if they feel that their hole cards are very good. That is to say, when raissing the existing remuneration, you can re-bet after others raise, or you can choose all in, that is to say, bet all the chips on your hand at one time to decide your win or loss. So this game is still very exciting.


Players have a variety of options, and no matter what you choose, you may win or lose. If you win, you will get more chips and points. If you fail, you may go bankrupt and have nothing. If players fail in this game, they can also get a certain amount of points by watching some advertisements and videos, to proceed to the next level.


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