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Scary Teacher 3D

Size : 2.4 GB Version : 7.0
Developer : Z & K Games
Updated : Mar 11, 2024
Size : 2.4 GB Version : 140(7.1.1)
Developer : Z & K Games
Updated : Feb 22, 2024

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Jack  ( Age: 25 from )

Scary Teacher 3D is a thrilling adventure and survival game that puts you in the role of a student working to outwit your deranged teacher, Ms. Applegate. Utilizing stealth, strategy, and cleverness, explore the house and complete missions while avoiding her detection. With quirky humor, character customization, and a compelling progression system, Scary Teacher 3D delivers an engaging experience for players of all ages.  


Molly  ( Age: 21 from America )

Dive into the world of Scary Teacher 3D, a survival game centered around outsmarting your insane teacher, Ms. Applegate. With stealth as your tool, navigate through various rooms, complete missions, and collect evidence to reveal her villainous deeds. Delight in character customization options, comical animations, and an active online community, creating a holistic, entertaining package for gamers young and old.

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Scary Teacher 3D is a popular survival and adventure game developed by Z&K Games. In this engaging title, players assume the role of an intelligent and resourceful student, determined to outwit their menacing and eccentric teacher, Ms. Applegate. Set in a seemingly ordinary suburban home-turned-classroom, Scary Teacher 3D presents players with a thrilling and immersive gaming experience centered around stealth, strategy, and cunning.


The primary objective of Scary Teacher 3D is to navigate through various rooms of the house to complete missions without being detected by the malicious Ms. Applegate. Along the way, players search for hidden objects, solve puzzles, and perform tasks, all while avoiding confrontation with the eponymous Scary Teacher. The ultimate goal is to gather evidence and expose Ms. Applegate's wrongdoings, leading to her ultimate downfall.


Players progress through a series of levels, each introducing new challenges and objectives. As players become more adept at navigating the house, they unlock additional missions, new rooms, and novel ways to distract and outsmart Ms. Applegate. In doing so, players collect valuable items, all while evading the vindictive Scary Teacher.


Despite the primarily horror-centered theme, Scary Teacher 3D incorporates lighthearted elements, such as comical antics, whimsical animations, and amusing character designs. This juxtaposition creates an engaging atmosphere that appeals to a broad audience, while the core gameplay remains focused on stealth, strategy, and exploration.


A key feature of Scary Teacher 3D is the ability for players to customize their character's appearance, with an extensive wardrobe and collection of accessories available for unlocking. This level of customization adds a layer of personalization to the game, encouraging players to experiment with unique outfits and styling choices.


Scary Teacher 3D also boasts a vibrant online community, with players from across the globe sharing their accomplishments, gameplay experiences, and strategies. The active online presence contributes to the game's lasting appeal, fostering a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie amongst its fanbase.


In conclusion, Scary Teacher 3D stands as an entertaining and engaging survival and adventure game that challenges players to outwit their unhinged teacher, Ms. Applegate, through stealth, strategy, and resourcefulness. The captivating gameplay mechanics, combined with quirky and comical elements, result in an immersive and enjoyable experience for gamers of all ages and skill levels.

How to play

In Scary Teacher 3D, players control a clever student seeking to expose their creepy and peculiar teacher, Ms. Applegate, by completing missions without being caught. The primary goal is to search for hidden objects, solve puzzles, and carry out tasks while avoiding encounters with the Scary Teacher in various rooms of her house.


To play, players should focus on stealthily maneuvering through the house and being mindful of the teacher's location. Using distractions and clever timing, players can progress through levels, collect evidence, and unlock new missions.


As players advance, they'll gain access to various rooms in the house filled with unique items and challenges. Completing missions rewards players with items, and unlocking new levels provides additional challenges and ways to outsmart the Scary Teacher.


In addition to the main gameplay, players can customize their character's appearance, with an extensive wardrobe and accessories to choose from. This adds a personal touch to the gaming experience, encouraging players to express their individuality.


To succeed, players must be strategic and careful in their actions. By understanding the environment, using distractions, and swiftly completing tasks, players can stay one step ahead of the menacing Ms. Applegate and ultimately reveal her wrongdoings.


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