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Royal Match

Size : 166M Version : 8019
Developer : Dream Games, Ltd.
Updated : April 1, 2022
Size : 319.9 MB Version : 8054
Developer : Dream Games, Ltd.
Updated : 6 Apr 2022

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Martin  ( Age: 30 from Korea )

The graphic quality of this game is really high and the whole game is well animated, and the design is in a very cartoon style, which can make players feel very cute. The game is basically about match-3 puzzles, so it's not very difficult for beginners. The novel idea of the game is to combine the game play of match-3 with the decoration of the palace.

Rachel  ( Age: 26 from Russia )

This game is based on a classic match-3 mechanism yet it has much more to offer. I like the elements and themes of decorating royal castle and exploring different areas with strong curiosity. There are a lot more to do in the game including those very interactive mini-games and events on the side. I never feel bored to nothing to do in this royal puzzle world. 

Editing and description of

Royal Match is a game that includes many gameplays and could be played on many devices. It's a free game with thousands of levels. This game has no age limit, anyone can play this elimination game and decoration game. At present, more than 100,000 people have left comments on the game, and tens of millions of people have downloaded the game. The game does not have the repetition and boredom of traditional elimination games, and adults will find it more challenging.


Here, players can experience a casual and relaxed gaming atmosphere. Decorating the castle will also bring a huge sense of achievement, making players addicted and satisfied. The picture of the whole game is rich in color, the colorful game elements and the simple and fresh background are very harmonious. The elements in the elimination game all have bright colors, shapes, and styles with different characteristics. Players are very good at distinguishing what needs to be eliminated, and it will not bring visual fatigue to the user. The game's graphics tend to be classical, and the designers used a lot of yellow, red, and green. The warm-toned style makes the game look like it was carefully designed. There's even time-travel, back in the age of kings, where players are like treasure-hunting adventurers and castle designers. Players who like classical art must download the game quickly and start their happy journey. The storyline is relatively clear, King Robert needs the player's help to restore the former glory of the royal castle and let the dilapidated castle be renovated. This is where you can fully display your keen observation and eliminate the same things as quickly as possible. Satisfy your collecting cravings and collect more and more coins to renovate the castle from the inside out. You can enjoy friendship here. Players can invite friends, and then challenge the game to see who you and your friends can beat each other. Players can also join currently online teams for additional team rewards.

How to play

You have to complete the puzzles to effectively get bigger rewards. Players must match things of the same color to progress through the puzzle and get a better score. The best part is that it is full of brainstorming tasks and puzzles, so players have a lot to unlock while playing the game, and players can also show their genius and wits in this game. The number of moves a player can make in each level is not unlimited, so be sure to see how many moves are left to complete the challenge. If you run out of moves, you also need to see how many coins you can spend to continue the game. When you earn stars, you can use them to beautify your kingdom. For example, you can plant green plants for your garden and place swan-like decorations.


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