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Project Makeover

Size : 251M Version : 2.34.1
Developer : Magic Tavern, Inc.
Updated : March 21, 2022
Size : 319.5 MB Version : 2.34.1
Developer : Magic Tavern, Inc.
Updated : March 23, 2022

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Laura  ( Age: 32 from Italy )

Project Makeover has a huge appeal for elimination enthusiasts. In the game, exquisite and delicate pictures, simple and interesting gameplay, and mysterious transformation goals are the potential motivation for users to play the game. The gorgeous scene opened by the game players’ own hands, which would gradually be enriched and get more beautiful. It has a fatal attraction to any player.

Edward  ( Age: 21 from Iceland )

The background story is very interesting. And the gameplay of Project Makeover  combines the playing method of elimination game in it, because in the story, we need to get some outfits and accessories, such as beautiful clothes and shoes, which need to use money. By playing the puzzle game inside could we get access to some coins. So this game is very playable and very fun.

Editing and description of

Project Makeover is a match-3 casual game. Players can see from the name of the game that the theme of this game is a beautiful mobile game. The game is currently free to players of all ages. Hundreds of thousands of players have left comments on the platform, and tens of millions of players have downloaded the game. The installation package of the game is not large, and smartphones with general performance can also be installed and experienced.


The game also offers in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99.99, from which users can get a better experience and customized services. For example, if the game contains advertisements, they can purchase advanced features that remove advertisements, if players do not want to watch advertisements.


The match-3 gameplay of gamers and the growth of characters' dress-up give full play to the advantages of the two-game types - elimination games and development games. Players may have a combined experience as a makeup artist, costume designer, and interior designer.


The whole game screen is full of youth, trends, and enthusiasm. The design style is cartoonish. There are various shapes and colors of elimination elements in the match-3 game, which are very eye-catching. Players are also very simple to operate and easy to use. The colors of the clothing in the exquisite and delicate picture are very gorgeous and the tailoring is appropriate. The various scenes are very rich, the beige dining car has purple tables and chairs, and the contrast is very strong. The broken doors of the dining car have also been redecorated, and colorful flowers are placed on the dining table. The sofa chairs are very cute and the throw pillows are very soft. And the contrast between light and dark is also very strong, and the light presented by the sofa is just right. Although some sofas in different shapes cost some money, players will not be stingy with their wallets if they can add luster to the entire building.


If you are a beauty-loving girl who likes to make up others and enjoy the process of helping others match clothes, you can download this game to experience it. Any character can be dressed up as a cute fashionable lady or a sexy rocker. The game is great for little ones to help them develop their aesthetic taste, and also great for adults to pass the time.

How to play

The gameplay of the game is diverse, and the whole process is interesting. Players can use various props in the game, such as hair straighteners, hairdryers, and cool combs, to take care of the hair of the seeker. Players can comb sloppy ugly hair into fashionable hairstyles. Players can also successfully earn various styles of clothing, comprehensive cosmetics, and luxurious furniture through match-3 games. Clothing includes pajamas, suspenders, and evening gowns. Players can also remodel food trucks, making dilapidated and dilapidated food trucks a new look. After players earn profits through the match-3 game, they can successfully help the characters to complete the growth and challenges through the fascinating plot mode, and realize the transformation of their beautiful life.


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