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Size : 23M Version : 1.4.96
Developer : Zakeh Ltd
Updated : March 30, 2022
Size : 39.5 MB Version : 1.4.88
Developer : Zakeh Ltd
Updated : Feb 10, 2022

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Andrew  ( Age: 36 from Brazil )

The design of the main character of this game is very simple but also very cute. In this game, you can experience the process of raising pets in real life. They need to eat, poop and also play outside as well. And as an owner, you should also sometimes help them clean themselves. The whole process is absolutely soothing and fun.

Debra  ( Age: 23 from Australia )

Pou is a super relaxing game with cute characters and clean interface. It is stressless to be caring and loving about your virtual pets and keeping them happy makes you smile as well. Another plus for the game is the diversity of mini games. You just enjoy this slow paced game with some fun and quick mini gaming sessions and get a refreshed feeling. 

Editing and description of

Pou is a very popular pet management game where players learn how to take care of their alien pets. As in other development games, players must feed, bathe and play with pets. Players will see pets grow as they level up. After completing a level, players have access to new outfits.


This game is very simple and interesting. In the game, we ensure Pou's healthy growth by feeding Pou, bathing, playing games together with Pou, and etc. And players can use various functions in the game, and can also play small games with Pou. There are a lot of choices for the mini-games here. We can play different games at different times. For many friends who like pets, these mini-games are a very good choice.


The graphics of this game are very beautiful and the style is very cute. Its background is a very simple checkered white background, and our game protagonist is Pou, who is a potato in clothes and round glasses, very cute. At the same time, some music and special effects of the game are also very good. For example, when Pou eats, its mouth will open round. Or when playing games, its eyeballs will move with the ping pong ball, and it will blink, and the long eyelashes look very cute, so the whole style of this game, the picture is very simple and cute.


Every time I see Pou eating, I feel like my pet is eating, because it will make the sound of pet eating, and it will also make a cooing sound when drinking water. It will blink to tell you that he is sleepy, it will also imply to you that it is tired, or that it is so boring that it wants to play games, so this game is very close to life. In the process of playing games with Pou, we can also interact with Pou. For example, we can choose to play the game of table tennis, or we can choose to play the game of picking things up. These games require the player to move the Pou left and right to contact the game.

How to play

This game is very simple, and there are many options and scenes at the bottom of the game interface. For example, if there is a scene in the kitchen, we can go to the kitchen option. In the kitchen, we can feed it various foods, various fruits, and different vegetables. We can click on the food with our hands, drag it to Pou's mouth, and then Pou will eat the food. So the process after we feed it can promote subsequent growth. But there will be a time pattern. Yes, for example, for tens of minutes, you cannot continuously feed Pou food within a few minutes. Because Pou will not eat again when he is full. When there is no food, players can buy food in the store in the lower right corner of the screen. There are still many choices of food, and the price is not very expensive.


Then there's a bathroom scene because Pou sometimes gets dirty while eating or playing. At this time, the player needs to bathe Pou. Players go to the bathroom and click on the soap with their hands, apply it to the body of the bubble, then click the shower button in the lower-left corner, drag it to the body of Pou, rinse the soap bubbles, and so on. Because if Pou's body is too dirty, it will affect its healthy growth, so players still need to take a bath with the cross-section often.


In addition to the bathroom and kitchen, there are laboratories and games in this game, as well as bedrooms, etc. It is very simple, all kinds of potions that players buy in the store will appear in the laboratory, including some slimming potions, health potions, hunger potions, and so on. These potions have some functions, such as diet pills, water can make Pou smaller and thinner, health potions can restore Pou to a very good health value, and hunger potions can make Pou hungry, so, players can continuously feed customers without waiting for dozens of minutes, which can help customers grow faster. What about in the game room? Players can interact and play with Pou there. Players click the game in the lower-left corner and many fun mini-games will appear. Although this kind of mini-game is very simple, it is very fun, and then you can have a good interaction with Pou.


There are four display boxes at the top of the game screen, which represent hunger, health, fun, sleepiness, and other parameters. If there is less, the player can go to the corresponding place. For example, if the hunger value drops too much, the player will go to Pou to feed food. If the fun value is low, players will go to play games with Pou to make it more interesting. I think one of the fun things about this game is that we don’t need particularly complicated skills, we just need to keep an eye on the four display boxes at the top of the screen, and then make some options according to the display boxes.


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