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Plants vs. Zombies™ 2

Size : 36M Version : 9.6.1
Updated : March 28, 2022
Size : 157.4 MB Version : 9.6.1
Updated : April 4, 2022

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Bruce  ( Age: 33 from United Kingdom )

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is very classic and it tests our strategy a lot. The only thing we have to consider in this game is what kind of plants should we choose to fight against the zombies. We can also continuously upgrade our plants in the process, or buy more powerful plants to help us eliminate some zombies that are high in damage.

Judith  ( Age: 32 from United Kingdom )

Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 is a puzzle game like the original Plants vs. Zombies game. But it is richer and better in experience. Although the game is very easy to operate, it is quite compact. This is more challenging. Each time slot in the game has its own specific designs and zombies, so this will not be boring for players. The art design of the game is also better than the original. 

Editing and description of

Presumably many people have played Plants vs Zombies, it is very classic and more strategic game. Plants vs Zombies™ 2 inherits many of the features of Plants vs Zombies™ 1, and also makes many innovations and improvements based on Plants vs Zombies™ 1.


Compared with Plants vs Zombies1, what are the new points of Plants vs Zombies 2? First of all, the picture quality in Plants vs Zombies 2 has been improved a lot. It can be seen that the texture of the game screen has been significantly improved, because in Plants vs Zombies 1 there are only very simple vegetable gardens, and each vegetable grows on a different grid. But in Plants vs Zombies 2, the animation details have been enhanced a lot, and the texture of the picture has also changed a lot. For example, when the sunflower was about to spit the sun before, the sunflower would just smile and shine. But in the new game, when the sunflower spits the sun, not only would there be a shimmer, but its mouth would also slightly crack and smile. Another example is that Pea puffs out his cheeks when he fires a cannonball, which makes people laugh. In contrast, the zombies in this game haven't changed much.


On the Plants vs Zombies 2 interface, the developers have made major adjustments to the function keys. Players used to select the plants on the right side of the screen, and now the selection box has been adjusted to the left side of the screen in this game. This makes it easier for players to select different plants with their left hand. In addition, the small shovel in the game is also placed in the lower right corner of the game. It used to be easy for players to fiddle around when all the tools were at the top of the game screen, but this has improved a lot. In addition, at the teaching level, the teaching game has not changed much, and continued the climax of version 1, adding some punk-style rhythms, giving players a little more freshness. In the game, the sound effects have also been processed more mellowly, and the left and right channels are fully utilized. For example, if sunflower is planted on the left side, the sound of harvesting will be in the left ear, while the right ear is filled with the sound of zombies gnawing potatoes, which is very interesting.

How to play

Simply but this game has different scenes, each scene has different plants and zombies, and what players have to do is to resist the invasion of zombies by placing the position of the plants. It looks simple, but it's not easy. Different plants have different attack effects, and different zombies also have different damage functions. So how to place the plants, which plants to choose to put in the front row or the back row, etc., are very important. Because it is directly related to whether the player can win.


In Plants vs Zombies 2, there are many new scenes, the most impressive being the time travel theme. After players complete five teaching levels that are highly similar to the original, players enter mysterious Egypt. Pyramid-shaped carts and zombies wrapped in mummy cloths, plus new music, players feel instantly upgraded. Because the game adopts the IP mode, players still need to spend a little money to upgrade plants and open new locations, but the specific cost depends on the player's level. In addition, the game as a whole is relatively smooth and smooth, but some themes will still be stuck. If it is stuck, the player can restart the machine, and it is easier to get stuck when a new plant card appears after each level. Dayton, I hope this can be better improved.


However, compared to Plants vs Zombies 1, the format of Plants vs Zombies 2 has become a bit like some kind of parkour game. Because after the mainline of the first level is completed, the previous level can challenge the level of higher difficulty to get more stars. For example, in Level 1, the requirement for obtaining the first star is that the plants are not injured, and the requirement for obtaining the second star is that no more than 12 plants are allowed in the vegetable garden at any time. Well, the requirement to get the third star is that the player cannot consume more than 1250 suns throughout the level. In Plants vs Zombies 2, new additions are made to kill zombies, such as fruit-like plants that these zombies can crush with two fingers. Several new plants have also been added to the game, such as those who throw darts, those who throw boomerangs, those who practice boxing, and those who freeze zombies. A new mechanism for feeding plants has also been added to the game. Players can feed the plants with pills with some functions. After these plants are eaten, their abilities will explode in an instant, and there will be correspondingly different effects.


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This game is petrifying but not As creepy as piggy Roblox.
2023-01-18 21:20:56 From Uk
This game is petrifying but not As creepy as piggy Roblox
2023-01-18 21:22:10 From Uk