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Piggy GO - Clash of Coin

Size : 73M Version : 3.15.1
Developer : Forever9 Games
Updated : March 16, 2022
Size : 338.3 MB Version : 3.15.1
Developer : Forever9 Games
Updated : March 17, 2022

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Benjamin  ( Age: 43 from Canada )

The main character of Piggy GO - Clash of Coin which is a piggy, is designed in a very amusing way. But it is also very greedy for wealth. In this game, we need to roll the dice and get some wealth to develop and expand our base. Sometimes it all depends on pure luck. You can get a big fortune as well. 

Ashley  ( Age: 33 from Norway )

Piggy GO - Clash of Coin is a board game where you play the role of a pig. Players attack by rolling dice and can explore new boards to collect more prizes. Players can experience using their cannons to blow up piggy friends and steal treasure, and roll dice to earn shields and protect their coins. Here, players can also compete with their friends to win more prizes.

Editing and description of

Piggy Go-Clash of Coin is a mobile casual game developed by Forever 9 Games. It is online board game played can enjoy on the go with their friends on their mobile devices. The game is based on a rolling dice mechanism with a number of other features including role playing, exploring, attacking and defending. By incorporating those elements together, players can get a more diverse and interactive experience than they would with a regular dice-rolling casual game. Most players find this game attractive and captivating because it allows you to explore new boards for extra bounces; besides, the excitement of attacking others’ town as a strategy to sabotage the game progress of competitors is also catering to many people’s interests. What’s more, players can use the coins earned to build their own towns all over the world. Plus, they can also connect to their friends on social media and invite them to race against each other for an even more lucrative gain. The market review of this game is decently positive as many players show their interest in the engaging game content and fun twists, although they are a number of programming-related issues that can have some impact on the game experience. 

How to play

Piggy Go-Clash of Coin is based on a basic dice-rolling gameplay while merging with other rules, which generates a surprising game dynamics.  Generally speaking, players can do various things and get preoccupied in the game. The basic progress of the game is driven by the result of rolling dices, which allows players to move corresponding out of sheer luck. These results can lead players to any places on the board while your competitors roll their dice to race against you. This part of the game is totally dependent on random chances and lucks. However, players also need to make meaningful decisions that do leave an impact on their gaming progress and directions. They are meanwhile investing the cities with their earnings. In doing so, players can gain more perks and unlock new places. Apart from focusing on their own cities, they can also go out and launch attacks on others towns, where they can get involved in a bunch of exciting naughty misconducts and be able to get away with them! For example, players can break in the piggy bank and rob its gold vault; they can also steal the valuable belongings of their friends or others and benefit from those justifiable illegal gains. Moreover, players can race against each other and trade cards with each other to obtain ultra rewards. This dice-rolling rule puts everyone on the same ground with equal opportunity; yet players can activate their automatic playing mode which generate more dice-rolling results with shorter amount of time. In doing so, players can make more coins since they can take more moves in this mode. With the coins they make, they can expand their towns and claim special prizes for that. In turn, they can better enhance their performance and the defense of their cities against their attempting rivalry. 


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