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Pet Rescue Saga

Size : 86M Version : 1.342.39
Developer : King
Updated : April 4, 2022
Size : 175.8 MB Version : 1.342.39
Developer : King
Updated : April 5, 2022

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Roy  ( Age: 35 from Greece )

This game adds a wonderful way to play, that is, in addition to being a classic match 3 game, it also gives us a mission to save the animals on the top layer of the puzzle. These animals have a very lovely appearance. We can collect many different kinds of animals in it, including some little rabbits, squirrels and so on. 

Katherine  ( Age: 24 from America )

Pet Rescue Saga is a fun puzzle game about rescuing pets. It has different kinds of levels. Players need to click in groups of at least two blocks to eliminate them. It will make players feel relieved after playing this game. Every time players successfully rescue a cute pet; they feel a sense of accomplishment. Players can also build comfortable and beautiful houses for this pet. It's very exciting.

Editing and description of

Pet Rescue Saga is a popular leisure mobile game developed by the same makers of other classic Saga series games. It is free for downloading on iOS and Android. The gameplay is similar to other object-match games yet it is made easier. Unlike most other games of this category that requires a minimum 3-item match, this game is operated on a 2-block minimum mechanism. What’s more, this game adds a fun twist to the traditional  match-and-blast gameplay: players also need to come to the rescue of stolen pets trapped in those blocks. Players can play the game either on their own or they can connect to their social media to complete with their friends and other players. The gameplay is made more fun with the animal elements and multiple-goal oriented challenge features. Players must fulfill the multi-tasks they are assigned with in each level, can they move on to the next new level. Pet Rescue Saga has been chosen as Editor’s Picks on Google Play and it is generally well-rated on many gaming platforms. Players have a fun and addictive gaming experience and this game is more interactive as they can stay tuned on social media and connect wit their friends. The game is seemly made easier yet the challenge range is actually expanded as players are assign with a few tasks at the same time, and they must meet the requirements for all of them to pass the challenge. And to fulfill certain task can give players an edge to boost up their progress in other tasks. So the game can be very engaging with unexpected surprises. 

How to play

Pet Rescue Saga is merging a few gaming mechanism and rules together. First, the most primary and basic rule resembles to other games alike: players in order to pass each level and move on to the next one, they must accomplish the tasks they are assign with in each level, which usually include breaking a certain number of blocks. This task is carried out by tapping a set of at least two blocks of the same color and eliminate them. Besides this conventional take, players are also required to save certain number of pets while they’re blasting through the blocks. In order to safely rescue the pets, players must clear the blocked path and land with the animals back on the ground. It should be noted that a successful rescue of all the animals would give players special rewards and perks in the game to help them progress faster. Apart from that, players can also unlock boosters and bonuses as they move up to higher levels where occasional one-time booster for trial would pop up; other than that, you can also purchase this extra helper in the game. Last but not least, players can always connect to their social networks and invite their friends for a friendly battle. This game offers a massive number of levels for players to challenge and the difficulty would level up gradually, where more rewards are likely to be earned. 


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