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Paper Fold

Size : Varies with device Version : 1.112
Developer : Good Job Games
Updated : March 9, 2022
Size : 201.1 MB Version : 1.39
Developer : Good Job Games
Updated : Mar 11, 2022

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Ernest  ( Age: 19 from Spain )

In this game, you can learn some simple origami skills, and there are many kinds of origami patterns that can be provided for us in this game, and each one is very cute. So we also feel very relaxed when playing Paper Fold. It is definitely a nice game to kill time and unwind ourselves while we feel tired and need some break.

Marilyn  ( Age: 28 from United Kingdom )

Paper Fold is a super relaxing and lovely game anyone who wants some downtime can play. It is also perfect for kids. I love how simple but tasteful the interface design is and the game rhythm is definitely stress free. It helps me wind down and clear my mind whenever I’m on a Origami folding session and immersed in the world of cute patterns and themes. 

Editing and description of

This game is a very fun mobile game, it is also a stand-alone game. The content of the game is mainly origami. The picture of this game is very simple, the background is generally gray, and there are different patterns in the middle. We need to choose the appropriate order to fold the patterns into the display effect. This way, we can get points and level up.


The picture of this game is very simple, and the patterns in the cartoon levels are also very rich. The background board in the game provides different shapes, for example, there are solid color shapes, and there are also various styles and patterns, which reduces the possibility of players suffering from aesthetic fatigue due to a single background. Each level of the game also provides a variety of lively and lovely shapes, including animals or plants and other fruits, etc. These rich themes make players more curious about what the next level will be.


Although the operation of this game is very simple, it is very beneficial to the improvement of our logical thinking ability. Because when the game player is origami, every step must be correct, and if a wrong step is made, the final victory cannot be achieved. So players need to constantly think about the order of folding. This requires players to have a certain spatial imagination and logical ability. After passing the simple level, the player will enter the more complex level. The step-by-step thinking process will enable players to acquire better and more rigorous thinking and logic ability in this game. Not only that, but this game can also help players improve their picture memory ability through simple and interesting operations. Because the player can only see the different shapes of each part in the process of origami, there is no way to see all the pictures. Therefore, when players try origami design, they need to have a detailed memory and cognition of the specific content of each part and their relationship with each other, so that they can do origami in the correct order and obtain a complete graphic.

How to play

The gameplay of this game can be said to be very simple and very complex. The first simplicity is that its operation is very simple, players only need to click on the part that needs to be folded to complete the origami operation. But it is also very complicated, because the process sequence of the game is certain, and players need to judge the order of the origami when they are origami to complete the origami. Therefore, how to quickly and accurately complete the pattern in the level through origami is the focus and difficulty of the player.


I think there are some tricks on how to play this game well. As the game level continues to increase, the difficulty of the game will continue to increase. But don't worry too much, because sometimes the system will give you a prompt. If the level is particularly difficult, the player can reduce the difficulty according to the clues given by the system and complete the origami. Each use of the system prompts the player to take the correct step, which can reduce the burden on the player. Then, the player just needs to follow his steps and then go down. If the player takes a lot of wrong steps after one mistake, your paper will return to the state of the first mistake, so that you can better complete the origami.


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