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Papa's Taco Mia To Go!

Size : 107 MB Version : 1.1.4
Developer : Flipline Studios
Updated : Sep 1, 2022
Size : 107 MB Version : 1.1.1
Developer : Flipline Studios
Updated : Jan 24, 2019

Blogger Recommendations

Lucy  ( Age: 29 from England )

I have to say that the graphics of Papa’s Taco Mia To Go are really well done. I was attracted by the graphics from the beginning. After I played it, it was really better than I thought. In addition, the game is relatively easy to start, the operation is not difficult, and it is not very laborious to play. Therefore, I recommend it to any fan of Papa series games.

Debbie  ( Age: 28 from America )

The fun of the game is self-evident, only you will know if you have actually experienced the game. Papa's Taco Mia To Go has quite cartoon graphics, you will need to keep making all kinds of delicious chicken rolls in the game to attract more customers, there will be a novice tutorial at the beginning, so don’t worry that you won’t be able to play.

Editing and description of

Papa’s Taco Mia To Go! takes players to a laid-back sunny vibe in the Latino neighborhood in Los Angeles, where fiesta and tacos are abundant. In this mobile game, players manage a taco restaurant and serve customers fresh tacos with homey fries. The gameplay resembles the classic four-section layout in most of Papa’s restaurant management game titles. Players take in orders, prepare and grill the fillings and load them onto the fresh and crisp taco shells before they finally serve them with some fresh fries. Hearty food and fast service are what make the taco shop attractive all year round. Players can constantly unlock new ingredients, toppings, sauces, and salsas to cater to those picky taste buds of customers whose scores directly influence players’ game progress. Meanwhile, players can also collect stickers from satisfying customers or earn special recipes from them. With the stickers, players can obtain decorations for their shop and employees. With the special recipes, players can offer a festive limited menu or daily specials. The control of the game is very user-friendly with redressed motion controls. Due to the applicable devices of this game version being small-screen based, players now can control this game with only one hand and use only their thumb to tap, swipe, and drag various interactive items around the interface to different game areas. This special control mechanism makes the gameplay more efficient and fast-paced, which makes taco-making and serving easier and faster. 

How to play

To play Papa’s Taco Mia To Go!, players need to get to used to multi-tasking and be well-organized in the cooking area. The core gameplay of Papa’s Taco Mia is of course to make tacos that can please demanding customers. The taco-making is divided into four steps in four separate functional stations. First, players take orders at the order station where they note down the requests of customers. Then, players move to the grill section to prepare the taco fillings accordingly. At the grill station, players can fry or grill different types of meat with taco seasonings and other spices. When the filling is cooked, players need to transfer it to the next build station. There, players load the taco shells with piping hot fillings with meat and veggies. Extra toppings and sauces are also available for players to choose from to make their tacos even more appealing. The last step before the taco is served to customers is fry-making. In the fry station, players can make fresh chips or Mexican nachos alongside spicy and limy salsa or pica de Gallo that help wake up the taste buds of hungry customers. Apart from the main gameplay, players can also check in the daily mini-game challenges and win rewards to gain decorative items from the in-game shop. Those items can be used to customize the Taco shop on different holidays throughout the year. 


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