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Papa's Pizzeria To Go!

Size : 83.9 MB Version : 1.1.3
Developer : Flipline Studios
Updated : Sep 1, 2022
Size : 83.9 MB Version : 1.1.0
Developer : Flipline Studios
Updated : Jan 24, 2019

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Lucy  ( Age: 29 from England )

As a super popular Papa series game, how could you miss it? This classic simulation game features updated gameplay and new controls redesigned for the small screen, making your customers happy to earn more points and level up. As you level up, you’ll unlock new toppings in the store and new customers will start visiting the pizzeria. Well-crafted pizza also earns you tips, which you can spend on lobby upgrades and furnishing.

Debbie  ( Age: 28 from America )

Do you like to make pizza? Want to experience what it's like to have your own pizzeria? This game can help you do it all. Now you have the chance to make pizza by yourself. In this game, you can run your own pizza shop to continuously upgrade to make your pizza more delicious. It is very easy to get started and fun enough to play, which can give you perfection game experience.

Editing and description of

Papa’s pizzeria To Go! is one of the most popular title in the To Go! restaurant management game universe, offered by Flipline Studio.  This new mobile version is designated for players who are using devices with smaller screens, therefore, some of the motion controls and options are adjusted to cater to the needs and convenience of users. The central gameplay is of course to take order and make delicious pizza to satisfy customers and earn bonus to extend the menu and upgrade the restaurant. The game mechanism shares a lot of similarities with other titles in this series and the food making process is highly standardized with multiple stages and each stage comes with options. This layout of game interface is easier for players to control and move around, and the pizza-making efficiency is greatly improved. Each time, players hand over an order to a customer, they’d be rated with a score which decides whether or not players can earn an extra bonus, such as a new special recipe or a set of stickers. When players earn special recipes, they can serve them as daily or festive limited specials. When they have collected stickers from satisfying customers, they can use those to obtain decorative items and customizable clothing to personalize their own restaurant and stall in different holidays. Apart from those features, Papa’s Pizzeria To Go! also offers some new features such as the pay check players can earn at the end of day as they serve picky eaters well. Or, players can also get a Blue Ribbon by earning positive food critic comments. Overall, this game is highly playable with rich contents and realistic game details. Players can get hand-on skills on pasta making and they can collect and create their own special recipe book. Plus, the readjusted game control makes the gaming experience much easier on a small mobile devices with just one thumb performing all sorts of tasks. 

How to play

Papa’s Pizzeria To Go! adopts a similar and well-organized game layout as many other To Go! titles do. In this game, players’ major role is to prepare and bake perfectly delicious pizza for hungry and sometimes picky customers. The game interface is clearly divided into four areas, displaying the four stages of the player’s duty. First, orders are taken from customers in line at the order station. Then, with the designated requests by different customers in mind, players move to the topping section where they swiftly choose and place the desired toppings and ingredients as well as condiments on top of the prepared pizza dough. After that, players need to skilfully  transfer the topped pizza dough into the hot stone oven and bake it in a precise manner. Accurate baking time and temperature are the crucial factor for the quality of your pizza, which is also the decisive factor of good customer satisfaction rate. When the freshly baked pizza is handed over the customers, players will get a score based on their satisfaction level. Good scores help players earn extra perks such as stickers, special recipes, ingredients and toppings, which they can use to serve special meals on holidays. Furthermore, players can check in the daily mini-game to earn extra customizable items. 


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