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Papa's Pastaria To Go!

Size : 81.9 MB Version : 1.0.2
Developer : Flipline Studios
Updated : Aug 24, 2022
Size : 81.9 MB Version : 1.0.1
Developer : Flipline Studios
Updated : Jul 25, 2020

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Lucy  ( Age: 29 from England )

The gameplay is unique and interesting, it is simply a gathering place for fans of Papa series games! Here you can not only experience the fun of being a boss, but also make delicious food for customers and improve your sense of achievement. You can choose different gameplay in the game to start your store management experience, complete prescribed tasks to get a variety of recipes, and earn money to unlock more tools to make new delicacies.

Debbie  ( Age: 28 from America )

Want to experience the joy of running a pasta shop? This game can completely satisfy you. In the game, you only need to learn to make all kinds of noodles as much as possible to meet the needs of guests, grow continuously, unlock more side dishes and recipes, and let guests come to your store to consume, so as to continuously expand the area and open more related stores. Trust me this process is really super healing and addicting.

Editing and description of

Papa’s Pastaria To Go! is one of the mobile games in the To Go series and this restaurant management game retains many classic features shared by other titles in the Papa Louie restaurant game universe. The theme of this game as its title suggests is to take and serve pasta orders. Players in this game become the chef of Portallini’s primo pasta place and serve piping hot fresh pasta with homemade bread on the go. This mobile version of the game is specifically designed for users on smaller screens and it can be purchased at an inclusive price of $1.99 on App Store and Google Play without further charges. The game includes many ingredients for players to choose from and cater to the unique taste of each customer. Besides, the shapes of pasta, the toppings, sauces, and shakers are all diverse in their varieties, and players can create so many different and exciting combinations to satisfy the taste buds of their hungry customers. The game mechanism should be quite familiar for those who have played other titles in this game series and it is quite easy for players on smaller screens to control this game. Thanks to the features and redesign of motion controls, players can now easily control the game with a few simple movements in a shorter screen distance. They mostly need to tap to choose interactive objects, then pull or drag the objects to their desired location. Most of the players can control the game interface with just one hand, or even just with their thumbs. Apart from serving pasta to customers, players can also participate in other side events such as mini-games and sticker collections with which they can decorate and customize their restaurant and stuff according to seasons and festivals. 

How to play

Papa’s Pastaria To Go! is easy to play, especially when players have some prior experience in playing other Papa’s restaurant management games which all share some common gaming mechanisms. This game is also fast-paced and requires players to be multi-taskers. The gaming session is divided into a few stages from taking orders at the order station to pasta cooking before players assemble the cooked pasta with desired sauces, toppings, and shakers at the build station. Meanwhile, players should also take care of the homemade bread that is freshly baked and goes well with the delicious pasta. When all the steps are completed, players hand over the pasta and the side bread to their waiting customers who would rate the food with their satisfaction. When players earn a high enough score, they can obtain special recipes and unlock special flavors/ingredients, and serve those as either a daily special or holiday limited menu. Apart from the main gameplay, players can switch to daily mini-games where they can earn extra furniture or customizable clothing to dress up the staff for different holidays. 


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