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Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go!

Size : 114 MB Version : 1.1.3
Developer : Flipline Studios
Updated : Aug 31, 2022
Size : 114 MB Version : 1.1.0
Developer : Flipline Studios
Updated : Jan 24, 2019

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Lucy  ( Age: 29 from England )

On the basis of the traditional business model, the game adds a storyline, which enriches the whole game. And the game as a whole uses a cartoon and fresh picture to present the food, making everything look so wonderful and attractive. Simple operation and interesting gameplay will bring you a unique fun of running a hot dog shop, and which will make you addicted to it.

Debbie  ( Age: 28 from America )

The Papa simulation series is back, this time around a hot dog shop. If you have played other games in the series, this game will not disappoint you. Diversified guests, clear game graphics, quite test players’ thinking and wisdom to operate. It’s now! Earn and master 40 one-of-a-kind special recipes to make everything look so wonderful and tempting! Allowing you to enjoy unlimited possibilities, freely enjoy more excitement and challenges in different challenges.

Editing and description of

Papa’s Hot Doggeria To Go! is the ninth release of the mobile restaurant management game series Papa Louie restaurant. It is available for both Android and iOS users to download for $1.99. This mobile game is featured a fun and delightful takeout fast food vibe. As its title suggests, the game is centered on hot dog making and the core gameplay is distributed in four functional sections. First, players would take orders from different customers at the order station; then they swiftly move to the grill station where they skilfully grill the delicious fresh sausages. After that, players take the grilled sausages to the build station where they put together the hot dog with all sorts of sauces, toppings, and condiments. Finally, the piping hot food is quickly packed and ready to be handed over to customers with drinks and popcorn at the last pop station. The gameplay is straightforward and the motion control of this game is particularly suitable for users of smaller screens. This game is primarily controlled by one thumb as players mostly tap, swipe and drag interactive objects around the gaming interface. As the game is designated for smaller screens, those motions are fairly easy to control with only one hand or one figure. This game offers fairly good playability since it incorporates a large selection of unlockable recipes, special toppings, sauces, and such. On top of that, it also included over 200 different customers with spontaneous requests, which adds to the surprising elements of the game. Besides, new holiday special recipes and more mini-games are ready to be unlocked as players make progress in the game.  

How to play

Papa’s Hot Doggeria To Go! is one of the restaurant management games. Although this mobile version is designed for users on smaller screens, its core gameplay remains consistent with its previous PC web version. The game is paced rather fast with four distinct but collaborative gaming sections, known as the order station, grill station, build station, and pop station. Each station has its specific and straightforward functions and purposes. Apart from making hot dogs, players also need to place the satisfaction rate of customers in the first place, since good customer satisfaction would reward players with some new recipes, special toppings, and unlockable holiday specials. Moreover, players can also earn mini-game tickets from customers and use those tickets to unlock fun mini-games that are refreshing and not about hot dog making. The holiday specials are evenly distributed in each of the twelve months of the year and players can purchase at the in-game store for special decorations and festive items. Mini-games are also available on a daily challenge basis throughout the week.  


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