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Object Hunt

Size : 88M Version : 1.2.2
Developer : Kwalee Ltd
Updated : January 17, 2022
Size : 154 MB Version : 1.2.1
Developer : Kwalee Ltd
Updated : January 17, 2022

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Jason  ( Age: 25 from Canada )

This game is very interesting. Multiplayer online games can make us enjoy a lot of fun. Moreover, the whole graphics of the game is exquisite, and the animation of the game is also very stunning. Object Hunt uses 3D design so the whole picture looks very vivid, and gameplay is really friendly which is to use the hammer, and then find other people who pretend to be objects hiding.

Jessica  ( Age: 31 from Canada )

Object Hunt is a hide-and-seek action casual mobile game. Players will start a hide-and-seek game with a brand new experience in the game. All hidden players will turn into props in the scene to hide, waiting for the arrester to sweep away. Brand-new gameplay, diverse scenes, open settings, and interesting characters allow players to experience a hilarious hide-and-seek mobile game.

Editing and description of

A mini game of hiding and seek is coming. Object Hunt is a hide-and-seek game with rather simple gameplay and the best choice for entertainment and leisure. The game is free to download for all players, and you guys can find it in the app store on every device. Ten million players have downloaded the game and about 0.2 million people left their comments here. At present, "Object Hunt" has reached a score of 4.5 in the Google Play Store Google's official application store. The content is rated as suitable for all users over 10 years old so many adults can have a try.


This game presents a 3D stereoscopic art style as a whole, and the different scenes of the game have distinct characteristics. The overall tone is relatively fresh and bright, and the color is also very elegant, which makes players refreshing. Unlike large online games, the character's activity area in this game is relatively narrow, so players are required to be careful and patient. The scene in the game fully simulates the real scene, the texture of the floor, the green branches and leaves in the potted plant, and the line graph on the demo board, and the processing of every detail can produce a fake effect. And the shape of the pig head of the catcher, the pink head, and the red clothes, is particularly obvious in the scene. The captors also have a variety of styles to choose from, such as they can play as men in suits. The black blazer and red tie fit the character perfectly.

How to play

After the game starts, a player will be randomly designated as the vandal. Then the rest of the players can be turned into toilets, printers, trash cans, or banned cards in the office area, and then hide in every corner to prevent vandals from finding them. Players can also change their form according to their location. If you, unfortunately, choose a toilet, it means that it may become all kinds of things in the bathroom. When everyone is hidden, the captors will appear with sticks, and then find the people hiding in the corners one by one. In addition, players must also learn to hide. If some arresters cannot find the hiders for a long time, they will easily become irritable, and even they will also become very aggressive. If the captor succeeds in identifying the hider, he swings the club and the hider manifests itself. There are also a variety of interesting skins and game modes for players to choose from. You can choose the upgrade time, speed and offline income, of course, this process requires a lot of gold coins.


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