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My Talking Tom 2

Size : 127M Version :
Developer : Outfit7 Limited
Updated : February 24, 2022
Size : 202.2 MB Version : 3.2
Developer : Outfit7 Limited
Updated : March 15, 2022

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Mark  ( Age: 20 from United Kingdom )

In My Talking Tom 2, you can interact with the cat, and then you can help it learn some new skills. Of course, you should take care of it like a real pet, which means you should help it take a bath and keep it clean, and then you can also dress it with some clothes. You will find that your mood will get better while playing.

Helen  ( Age: 31 from United Kingdom )

My Talking Tom 2 is a very unique casual entertainment game. Here, players will be able to play, play, and grow happily with the cute Tom cat. This is a clingy little chubby cat that you need to feed, bathe and play with on a regular basis. This game has a simplified cartoon animation style, as well as a unique parent-child interactive gameplay.

Editing and description of

This is a game that is open to everyone and has no age limit. This game is similar to an educational game. The protagonist of the game is the cute kitten. You can recognize it through the game's icon. Gray hair, big green watery eyes, looks very cute and lovable. By the way, its name is Tom. Millions of players express their feelings and leave comments on different platforms.


At the beginning of the game, a purple balloon will appear on the screen of the audience. The purple balloon is hung with a kraft paper box and flew over the green grass to reach the balcony of a family. In just a few minutes, the game displays a variety of colors, such as red roofs, white fences, and brown floors. Each element is very three-dimensional, with a jelly-like texture. Especially, when the kitten is hungry, the carrots that appear on the table are short and cute, shaded and lighted parts are harmonious. At first glance, it tasted fresh and crispy. The home furnishings in the animation are very complete, including all aspects of food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Although it is an item of mini furniture, their design is very delicate, I believe everyone will feel that the items are very cute.


Tom's coquettish and funny sound when he jumped up and down, the sound of water flowing when he turned on the shower, and the roar of a plane taking off. These sounds are very realistic, and I have to admire the team's skills in collecting these audios. Tom's voice is especially like the sound of a pet cat and its owner playing coquettishly. If you can't have a kitten in real life, you can consider participating in the game. Players can play with Tom and have fun. When the player successfully passes the level, the system will also make a sound of the bonus is received, and the player will be encouraged to continue to invest in the game.


All in all, I love playing this game with my friends. We had a lot of fun and laughter. Anyway, it may be a good choice for killing time.

How to play

The operation mode of the game is very simple, and players only need to move their little fingers to complete the game. For example, the player just needs to hold down the bath button and the kitten will enter the bathroom. All the buttons just require the player to tap the screen. The player fully interacts with his little pet to help him taste delicious food, learn new skills, and play with other companions. You can also change the interior design. Such as removing objects you don't like and changing the color and style of the decorations. However, the consumption of many items requires a certain amount of gold coins or several small blue stars. The disappearance of some objects requires the player to consume 100 gold coins. And after some items are replaced, the player's account will be deducted 150 small stars. In the process of playing the game, the system will give various mini-games and puzzles. Are you ready for the challenge?


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Young boy 
Tom keeps farting because I keep getting food for the cat 🐱🦁🐯💨
2023-06-30 05:47:04 From Lakeland