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Money Rush

Size : 115M Version : 2.32.0
Developer : Rollic Games
Updated : April 6, 2022
Size : 203.1 MB Version : 2.32.0
Developer : Rollic Games
Updated : April 6, 2022

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Bobby  ( Age: 25 from Italy )

In this game, our goal is to make our money more and more, and try not to reduce it along the way. And it is such a pleasure to see our cash double and grow more and more. This game tests the coordination of your eyes and hands. Because you will find that you need to swipe your fingers quickly enough to choose the right lane.

Tammy  ( Age: 27 from Japan )

This game is a money multiplying race. You can kick a start anytime and anywhere because the gaming session is short and fast-paced. The game control is super easy and quick to get used to. Although it involves a bit of math calculation as you need to decide which gate would generate the most. Other than that, no real strategy or planing is necessary. Just roll your cash and swiftly go! 

Editing and description of

Money Rush is a game that operates all kinds of money for parkour sports. The various elements that symbolize money are very flattering and creative. The game has no age limit, especially suitable for the elderly and children to play leisurely. The game's installation package is small, and hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded the game.


The entire game screen is relatively simple and generous. The game designers used a green forest background gradient, a blue city background gradient, and a yellow gradient. My favorite is the island coconut grove background, it feels like a sailing adventure. The grey background creates a misty haze that makes the player lose sight of where the runway will stretch. There are running roads in front of various backgrounds, and the colors of the track are also varied, which are in harmony with the background colors. The elements on the runway are very rich and unique in shape. The simple game screen creates a relaxed game environment, and players can get a comfortable gaming experience.


The rhythm will increase as the difficulty of the game increases and the coin slides faster. Some sound elements add fun to the game, such as the sound of gold coins scattering when gold is in the pocket, and the sound of gold coins rubbing against the edges of the grid as they pass through the grid. Of course, players will also feel heartache if they hear the sound of gold coins decreasing when gold coins pass the barrier of division and subtraction.

How to play

The whole game is great for killing time because the controls are simple and easy to get started. In the game, players will manipulate coins by sliding the screen left and right to pass through the blurred barriers of various colors to reach the endpoint. On the fuzzy barrier, there are four operation channels addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Players need to manipulate coins and calculate at the same time to choose the correct channel to pass through, and the coins can become more and more. At this time, the player's arithmetic ability is very exercised. Sometimes a player chooses an addition operation but may get more coins than if he chooses a multiplication operation. As the difficulty increases, various elements increase. At the beginning of the game, players need to manipulate coins, and later players need to manipulate dollar bills or donuts. Dollar bills are very difficult because players accidentally bump into the fuzzy barrier that deducts the larger amount. Golden keys can also increase the number of coins. There are also different game scenarios. In addition to the runway, there are modules similar to board games. There are multiplication and numbers below the module. You need to let as many coins as possible fall into the runway with the largest number. As the game progresses to the later stages, the speed becomes faster and faster, so you need to keep turning your brain quickly.


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