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Lucky Buddies

Size : Varies with device Version : Varies with device
Developer : Everybuddy Games
Updated : March 30, 2022
Size : 290 MB Version : 15.157
Developer : Everybuddy Games
Updated : 2 Apr 2022

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Harry  ( Age: 25 from United Kingdom )

Lucky Buddies is fun and simple to play, and it can let you kill the time easily. This game is very dependent on your luck, because in this game, your attacks and some resources you need will require you to use your luck to get. After we successfully complete some levels, we will find that we can get more interesting buddies with various looks.

Rose  ( Age: 24 from United States )

Lucky Buddies is a puzzle game that combines fighting and spinning the lucky wheel. Players will form their team with Vikings, Catwoman, The Lion King, and more, and go out to defeat cunning enemies. Players will experience luck-based, exciting spins of the lucky wheel to gain coins, attack time, raids, energy, and also participate in battles to defeat Pi-rats, and finally, level up and unlock more companions.

Editing and description of

Lucky Buddies is an interesting card placement battle game. There are a lot of card characters in this game, they are of various types, and they have their special roles and abilities. Players can choose these characters to carry out various collocations. Players can successfully pass the level only by rationally using the abilities of various cards. In addition, this game has different levels, the design difficulty of the whole game is very reasonable, and it is constantly upgraded from shallow to deep. That is to say, as the level of the game increases, the difficulty of the game will increase.


This game is relatively easy to play, because there are not too many aggressive requirements in the game, and there are not too many bloody graphics. Although there are a lot of combat elements in the game, the focus of players is to fully consider the strategic ability and combine different cards to get a multiplier effect with half the effort. But no matter how you fight, the picture is very cute and simple, and there are no bloody or violent scenes. Players need to pass many levels to get some magical potions, which can improve their abilities.


Of course, there are also many gold coin rewards in this game. Players can accumulate gold coins and then exchange them for more advanced items to help themselves win the game. These props are very useful, they can improve the combat ability of the card character, or the speed, or the recovery ability, and so on. Different items have different functions, and players can choose and exchange them according to their own needs. Of course, players can also recruit a lot of soldiers to expand their team, to improve their combat effectiveness and the cooperation ability of various forces, so as to make progress in the game together. So in the process of this game, players can quickly change from rookie to game master.

How to play

As a card game, players must have a lot of cards when they first enter the game and win by placing different card positions. So how do you get cards? The main way is to exchange gold coins for different cards. Gold coins mainly come from a lottery. There is an automatic lottery machine in the interface of the game. Players have multiple chances to draw the lottery automatically each time. Through a lottery, they can accumulate a lot of gold coins. In addition, if players win the game, they can also get extra gold coins. Players will receive a victory bonus for every level victory. This bonus is generally 20,000 gold coins. Then, players can use these gold coins to exchange for different card characters.


The interface of this game is very simple. There is an automatic lottery machine at the bottom of the game screen. Players can draw different content every time they click on the lottery. The protagonists of the game are two small animals, a panda, and a little tiger, who need to fight against the little hedgehog above. Pandas and tigers need to hit the hedgehogs above according to the tools drawn each time. When the hedgehog's health bar gradually decreases, the hedgehog will disappear, and the player will win.


Moreover, in the part of the automatic lottery, players can draw some tools, such as small hammers, bombs, and so on. Then players can use these tools rationally to win. If you draw a small hammer, etc., players can also go to the game scene to dig different treasures, which is also a good way to get gold coins and upgrade. However, the probability of getting a small hammer is not very high, and the small tools that players get each time they draw may be different.


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