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Love Fantasy: Match & Stories

Size : 467M Version : 2.3.5
Developer : Long-WINd
Updated : April 2, 2022
Size : 566.2 MB Version : 2.3.5
Developer : Long-WINd
Updated : April 3, 2022

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Daniel  ( Age: 34 from Russia )

In Love Fantasy: Match & Stories, there are many game props with a strong sense of substitution in the game, allowing players to gain a strong sense of substitution. The picture adopts a realistic American style, and the beautiful blond shape has become the first choice in the game. Leather clothes, dresses, business suits, evening dresses, high heels, all kinds of luggage and other props are also readily available.

Nancy  ( Age: 23 from Russia )

In Love Fantasy: Match & Stories, we can experience the life of the story protagonist. In this game, we can not only help the protagonist dress up herself and make her more confident, but also choose her partner and then decide the story between her partner and her. Moreover, this game is full of romantic and interesting stories so you will not get bored.

Editing and description of

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories is an interesting mobile game designed by Appzoa Tech Co. in the year of 2021, and available on iOS and Android platforms.

In a short word, Love Fantasy: Match & Stories is a game that is related to love and relationship. You can choose your own role in the beginning, and you can dress her up as you like, and you can make your character shine in public and in any activity. Then you can also choose one of your partners, and then the story is involved around what will happen between you and your partner, including some very daily stuff that will happen every day. They are totally created by ourselves. Therefore, in this sense this game gives us a lot of plot to write by ourselves. We are the directors of our own game life. If you pay attention some of the main plots are also very similar to those in TV dramas, because we may involve ourselves with some dates or breakups. In the meantime, we may face some relatively down moments as well. These classic plots are also very common in our daily life. On a side note, when you open the game, you will be enthralled by some details of the game, because the design of the characters is very exquisite and stunning, and almost all the men are very handsome and tall but with their own different features. You can choose different men as you like, and the designs of women are very satisfactory to the players as well, you can easily feel the charm of them when you play this game.

How to play

Love Fantasy: Match & Stories gives us full freedom to experience our ideal love life and it let us write our own love story. Then if we are female players in the game, we can enjoy the experience of dating many handsome guys. In addition to that we can also experience those places we haven't been to before and some clothes we can't afford, so this game is simply to let us enjoy the life we have never had, which is also like an exchange life. Love Fantasy: Match & Stories also let us meet our own inner desire for love. In the process of the game, we will have some interaction with other characters, and these interactions are mainly completed through dialogues. We can choose this dialogue by ourselves, but remember that our choice may have a certain impact on the direction of the next story. We can also choose our boyfriends like what is mentioned earlier. When choosing a boyfriend, we should pay attention to that different men have different appearance characteristics. Of course, they also have different personality characteristics. Who to choose is entirely based on our own preferences. Then all these males are not necessarily good, so we may encounter some cheating, and so on. So in a nutshell, this game is worth trying and we will create our own love stories.


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