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Idle Army Base: Tycoon Game

Size : 116M Version : 2.0.0
Developer : Neon Play
Updated : April 5, 2022
Size : 369.2 MB Version : 1.27.0
Developer : Neon Play
Updated : Dec 13, 2021

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Gerald  ( Age: 28 from America )

This game is essentially a capitalist investment game in a military setting. It well combines profit-making and army training/management to create a unique game experience. I particularly dig the diverse settings of army training bases, from tropical jungles to the arctic with various weaponry focuses. This opens a new world for me in managing army bases in so diversified landscapes and geographies. 

Gloria  ( Age: 19 from America )

Idle Army Base: Tycoon Game lets you manage your army and train your troops. In the game you can get some profits, and some cash. In this way, we can continue to expand our territory and improve some military facilities. The graphic quality of this game and the control of some games are very excellent, so we could feel the of atmosphere military camp very well.

Editing and description of

Idle Army Base: Tycoon Game is a management-themed and profit-making casual game released by Neon Play, available on iOS and Android platforms. This game allows its players to act like a capitalism tycoon who makes investment and resource managing decisions to boost his profitability in various fields. This game is specifically staged in a military setting with relevant contents correspondingly. Players upon arriving the idle army base, they start to train the soldiers and improve the conditions of the training base, which will bring in monetary rewards with which they can make further investments and upgrades. The goal of the game is to make as much profits as you possibly can. Unlike other resource management/investment games, this game avoids tedious tapping and clicking, instead, players can play in a very sit-back idle manner. Apart from managing the army and resources directly by themselves, players can also hire professionals to do the on-site jobs for them. All the need to do is to make the investment decisions and let the cash gold work its way out. What’s more, players are not only generating profits while they’re playing the game, they can also switch on the auto-management function which ensures a downtime idle income while plays are off the game or when they run the game offline. This game is generally well received with quite positive ratings. Most players are happy about the uncomplicated gaming method and easy-to-follow interface for game control. 

How to play

The mechanism of this game is not complicated. Its basic logic is to establish a well-balanced and comprehensive training method on your troops and your army base. In doing so, players promote the skills and experience of trainees while so upgrade and expand the training base, which in turn would help improve the abilities and skills of your troops. Putting efforts on those aspects would definitely pay off later. This game rule ensures a positive game circle with reasonable cause-effect condition. First, players upon arrival at the training base, they start their investment journey. By spending cash gold on the base, they can improve and upgrade the training conditions of the base, which provides a preferable venue for trainees to gain all sorts of military-related skills and experience. This is another thing players need to bear in mind because the profit a base-level trainee would bring is definitely lower than that of a well-trained one, who has acquired more sophisticated military skills and demonstrates a better troop performance. In order to better train your troops, players are provided with a diverse selection of training base scenarios themed in different climate conditions with specific weaponry focus. The game also allows players to expand their training bases to different locations and new zones will be discovered by either in-app purchase or ads-watching rewards. At the same time, players are also assigned with specific game goals and tasks, whose fulfillment also brings rewards to the players. Therefor, players have a wide range of choices and approaches to improve their base value and turn that into profits. 


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