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Hungry Shark World

Size : 158M Version : 4.7.0
Developer : Ubisoft Entertainment
Updated : April 18, 2022
Size : 320.2 MB Version : 4.7.0
Developer : Ubisoft Entertainment
Updated : Apr 19, 2022

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Ann  ( Age: 28 from America )

The game animation is very smooth. In the game we can see some highly simulated underwater world scenes, but also some creatures that we have not seen so far. We need to try to eat some small fish, which will swim around, and in the game the entire terrain is also very varied from place to place, so we need to pay attention not to bump into some dangers.

Luna  ( Age: 29 from America )

Hungry Shark World's exquisite mapping makes the game more graphic, suitable sound effects make the game more immersive, map distribution is more reasonable, which closes to reality makes the sense of immersion increased. If you are disconnected from the network, you can also be saved through the local data to play.

Editing and description of

Hungry Shark World is developed by Ubisoft Entertainment, the same creator of its prequel Hungry Shark Evolution. This casual mobile game can be downloaded on iOS and Android platforms for free with in-app purchase options. This game is featured in a glamorous ocean theme with a vast open world gameplay style. In terms of gaming genre, it essentially integrates the mechanics of racing games where players keep their sharks fed through the race while attacking enemies and dodging detrimental obstacles. The game proceeds on a level basis with clear goals and missions. The difficulty levels up while players can continually upgrade their sharks across 38 different species over 8 size ranges. Meanwhile, they will constantly encounter new creatures in the ocean world. Besides, the landscapes of the game also vary from different regions of the world, focusing on the marine and islands of course. Players can explore the diverse scenes of oceans and customize their sharks however they like. Plus, aside from the main level playing, players can also actively engage in daily challenges, special missions and quests to gain extra rewards and higher score. For those who seek even higher level of frenzy devouring experience, they can opt for Supersize or Extinction mode for an ultra-realistic gaming experience. In this sense, this game is easy to understand given its core mechanism being conventional racing game, however, it offers way more features and contents than a simple racer. Players can definitely get themselves preoccupied in this vast ocean adventure. 

How to play

The gameplay involves the classic elements of a chasing/racing game. The main character in this game is obviously the shark. Players need to navigate their sharks through the ocean territory to chase their foods, battle their enemies and competitors while carefully dodge the hostile obstacles. The goal of the game is very clear and straightforward: players must keep their sharks well-fed and protect them from starving; meanwhile they have to compete with other sharks to gain a better position in the food chain. From time to time, there will be various dangers and attackers afoot. To do those three things at the same time, players can keep their life bar on a healthy scale. First, eating is important to keep the Shark healthy and high-functioning. In order to feast, players must maneuver their sharks to chase their meals that vary from all types of sea life. Eating helps keep the life bar full. At the same time, engaging the shark in the confrontations with other rivalry sharks for food and territory will also increase the scores and earnings of the game level. However, players need to be aware to not over-exhaust their sharks since bursting out for fights can consume their life bar pretty quickly. On top of that, players must stay alert for the incoming attacks and threats from those obstacles which may be armed humans such as police, divers or submarines, or other numerous sea creatures, particularly the jellyfish and sea mines. Being attacked or bumping into any of those obstacles reduces the life bar too. Players need to well balance their attention and conduct multi-tasking maneuvers to maintain a good status and gain as many golds and scores as they can in each level. Upon successfully completion of the current level, players will be rewarded with coins and gems with which they can purchase upgrades to gradually evolve in the game with larger-sized and more powerful predator sharks. What’s more, they can also take on side missions and quests and explore the grand opening sea for more adventures. Plus, players can customize their shark skin with flashy styles and adopt special pets to better attend the needs such as healing for their sharks. In short, there are always something to do and more to discover in Hungry Shark World.


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