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Size : 143M Version : 5.2.6
Developer : Playrix
Updated : April 4, 2022
Size : 308.1 MB Version : 5.2.6
Developer : Playrix
Updated : April 4, 2022

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Larry  ( Age: 31 from Singapore )

Homescapes is a match-3 puzzle game. Its biggest highlight is that it contains a background story, so I think this game is different from other similar puzzle games. The background of Homescapes is that a man who returned to his old house and found it very dilapidated and decided to redecorate it. As you play the game, you could help him redecorate it little by little.

Angela  ( Age: 23 from Spain )

This game is absolutely a must-have casual game on your mobile devices. It masterfully incorporates classic match-3 puzzles, home decorations and storytelling together. It’s very easy and straightforward to start playing but puzzle-solving can get more challenging as you move further. Meanwhile, it is very addictive as you keeps unrevealing fascinating family secrets along your way of home decorations and makeovers. This game definitely creates a relaxing, challenging and curiosity-driven world !

Editing and description of

Homescapes is a very fun stand-alone game. The background of the game is that the player inherits an ancient castle, which also comes with a large garden. The castle was uninhabited and uncleaned for a long time, and the garden was very deserted and messy, overgrown with weeds. What players have to do is to get gold coins and stars by eliminating them, and then these gold coins and stars will give players new opportunities to reorganize the garden and make the garden more charming and beautiful.


Nowadays, people live in cities with concrete and steel bars, and we rarely see large manors, so in this game, our dream of a beautiful manor can be realized. Inside the manor, there is a luxurious castle and a very large park lawn. The environment here is very beautiful and enviable. This game is presented in 3D, and we need to rearrange the garden's facilities and layout in the game. We need to clean the ground and relocate various tables, chairs, fountains, and other scenery. The game's garden screen performance is very beautiful, with a three-dimensional visual effect, and the colors are very bright. Moreover, the light and shade levels of each building and object are very sufficient, and some dynamic details are also very beautifully expressed. The performance of the garden design alone must be very worthwhile.


The nature of this game is ultimately an elimination game. Completing the elimination level is a very big focus because the player needs to eliminate different fruits to gain the ability to rebuild the garden. In the elimination effect, the picture expression is very good, the colors are crystal clear, various fruits and plants and water droplets, together constitute the main elements of elimination. The elimination elements are full in shape and color. If you encounter props such as explosions during elimination, there are also some special light effects, which give players a sense of impact visually.

How to play

This game also uses the classic three-match transposition operation mode when eliminating. That is to say when players play this game, they not only have to complete the task of elimination, but also the task of construction.


So, in essence, this game is an elimination game combined with construction tasks. In the game, players need to arrange tasks every time they repair the garden, and gold coins and stars are needed to complete these tasks. Where did these coins and stars come from? Of course, this needs to be obtained by completing the elimination tasks such as fruit droplets, which make full use of the relationship between construction and elimination. Let players take the initiative to complete some elimination tasks while building, so through this elimination, gold coins, and action power can be obtained, which can be used to complete construction tasks. I think this set is very good, giving players more active initiative to complete the elimination, as well as the reconstruction of the construction.


Specifically, on the large set of the elimination level, the elimination elements include various fruits, water droplets, etc. When the player completes the elimination task, he can press and hold a certain elimination item and the position next to it to change the position. Then, when two or more identical elements are connected in a straight line, the player can eliminate these contents. In the process of elimination, there will also be some explosive props. Players can get points and so on when they complete the task of eliminating part. After these tasks are completed, the player has permission to operate the garden construction. Therefore, in the game, players only need more precise operations when they are eliminated. When it comes to tidying up the garden, it is done automatically by the system, and players only need to do simple placement and so on. In this process, the player does not need a lot of operation processes, so the player's focus is not on the construction process, but more on the elimination. Only with good elimination skills can a lot of building reconstruction be achieved.


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